Research Ethics Board

Current Active Research


SMU REB Number "Clearance Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy)" Study Title  Faculty Principal Investigator/Supervisor Department
01-155 23/06/2019 Language Use in Speakers With Alzheimer's Disease. Asp, E. Linguistics
07-039 06/01/2019 Marketing 3376 Consumer Behaviour Course Project. Kim, C. Marketing
07-225 20/07/2019 Exploring the Convergent and Discriminant Validity of the Drug and Alcohol Scales in the Personality Assessment Inventory in a Correctional Sample. Patry, M. Psychology
08-211 04/11/2019 Construction and Evaluation of Psychological Tests. Cameron, J. Psychology
09-116 24/02/2019 Nova Scotia Commercial Fisher's Activity Opinion Survey. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
10-038 13/11/2018 Examining Organic Food Consumption. Wei, M. Marketing
10-074 10/05/2019 Examining Relationships Among Organizational Culture, Ethical Workplace Climate and HRM: Working Toward a Model of Employee Sustainability. Carroll, W. Management
10-080 21/04/2019 An Investigation of the Ethics Training and Education Practices of Top 101 Atlantic Canadian Companies. McKee, M. Management
10-083 28/11/2018 Exploring Consumer Play in Public Spaces. Wei, M. Marketing
10-088 22/02/2019 Performance Measurement in Co-operatives. Rixon, D. Accounting
10-110 15/11/2018 Consumer Metacognitions and Reactions to Marketing Communications in the New Media Enviroment. Wei, M. Marketing
11-007 17/02/2019 Work Wellness Project with Women who have Experienced Breast Cancer. Kocum, L. Psychology
11-097 26/04/2019 The Transnationalisation of Vietnamese Buddhism. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
11-168 21/11/2018 Consumer Metacognitions and Perceptions about Pharmaceutical Products. Wei, M. Marketing
12-065 07/12/2018 The Impact that Trustworthiness and Competence has on Mock-jury Decisions Regarding the Guild or Innocence of Those Photographed. Carter-Rogers, K. Psychology
12-118 14/03/2019 Identifying and Sharing the Secrets of Safety Success of Enform. Fleming, M. Psychology
12-125 26/02/2019 2012 ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology. Webster, P. Patrick Power Library
12-250 09/10/2019 Safety Culture Metrics. Fleming, M. Psychology
12-257 06/07/2019 International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) Safety Culture Perceptions Questionnaire Item Review. Fleming, M. Psychology
12-301 26/02/2019 The Anthropology of Low-wage Labour in HRM. Higgins, R. Anthropology
12-386 23/08/2019 The Diagnosticity of Physiological Components to Behavioural Characteristics in Relation to Guilty and Not Guilty Faces. Smith, S. Psychology
13-039 27/05/2019 Consumer Metacognitions and Reactions to Brand Marketing in the New Media. Wei, M. Marketing
13-065 25/03/2019 Carbon Market Crisis and Climate Change Finance to the Global South. Ervine, K. International Development Studies
13-081 19/05/2019 Regional Identity, Cultural Expression and the Rise and Follies of Cape Breton Island, 1977-1985. Twohig, P. Atlantic Canada Studies
13-107 23/05/2019 The Modernization of Buddhism in Global Perspective. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
13-179 5/09/2019 Improving Sequential Lineups and Eyewitness Decision Making. Patry, M. Psychology
14-147 17/02/2019 Safety of Young Hockey Players: A Human Resource Management Perspective. Wagar, T. Management
14-175 02/03/2019 International Student Experiences at Saint Mary's University. McKee, M. Management
14-186 17/04/2019 Communities in Action (Community Conservation Research Network). Charles, T. Finance, Management Science
14-222 25/05/2019 Barriers and Facilitators in Access to Child/Youth Mental Health Services in Atlantic Canada. Zhang, M. Finance, Management Science
14-266 22/05/2019 Labour Supplies and Extended Commuting in Newfoundland's Oil and Gas Residential Construction Sectors. MacDonald, M. Economics
14-302 24/07/2019 Feeding the Nation from the Wilderness: Food and Identity in Northeast China, 1949-1979. Sun, X. History
14-333 18/10/2019 Familiarity and Eyewitnesses: Do First Impressions Influence Accuracy? Smith, S. Psychology
14-355 19/10/2019 Attention Effects in a Peripheral Cuing Task. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
15-077 04/12/2018 The iLineup: A Pilot Study Investigating Eyewitness Photo Identification Accuracy. Stinson, V. Psychology
15-117 01/01/2019 Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN): Innu Conservation and Stewardship Concepts in the Formation of an Environmental Policy. Charles, T. Environmental Science
15-160 19/02/2019 Student Success in University. Wagar, T. Management
15-173 17/02/2019 Perceptual and Cognitive Processes in Drawing from Observation. Reichertz, M. Drawing Laboratory, NSCAD University
15-214 08/04/2019 A Basic Psychological Needs-based Model of Workplace Stress: A Diary Study. Kocum, L. Psychology
15-241 04/05/2019 Migrant Return and Reintegration Practices in Europe: The Case Study of Ukraine. Zhyznomirska, L. Political Science
15-283 09/07/2019 Timor-Leste's Latin American Social Medicine? Investigating the Operationalization of Cuba's Health CareSystem in a South Pacific Nation. Kirk, J. International Development Studies
15-309 17/08/2019 Social and Environmental Impact of Co-operatives. Rixon, D. Accounting
16-013 28/11/2017 The Effects of Language and Schema on Drawing Performance. Reichertz, M. Drawing Laboratory, NSCAD University
16-040 08/11/2019 The Effect of Cellphone Based ARS on Student Classroom Experience and Performance - Evidence from Non-accounting Major Students in Accounting Courses. Sun, X. Accounting
16-055 17/11/2018 A Diffusion Model Account of the Inhibition of Return Task. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
16-082 29/03/2019 Could More Androgynous Teams Better Navigate the Paradoxes in Complex Decision-making? Loughlin, C. Management
16-088 09/12/2018 Yoga, Identity, and Action. Cameron, J. Psychology
16-115 11/01/2019 Examining the Link Between Subordinate Personality and Leader Justice Behaviour - Study 2. Holmvall, C. Psychology
16-154 01/03/2019 Examining Characteristics and Tactics of Chief Negotiators in Canadian Universities. Catano, V. Psychology
16-509 25/05/2019 Drivers of B Corp Certification: A Comparative Study. McKee, M. Management
16-511 24/05/2019 Social Movement Organizing in Defense of Natural Resources: A Comparative Study of Resource Defence Mobilization of Southern and Northern Ghana. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
16-513 22/07/2019 Saint Mary's Academic Resilience Team (SMART) Pilot Project. Schneider, S. Sociology
16-517 14/06/2019 The Relationship Between Genealogy and Genomics in Quebec: Understanding Race and Difference. Leroux, D. Sociology
16-533 15/06/2019 A Study of the Influence of Pre-existing Knowledge on the Project Development of the (Finish) WeAll Research Group Mills, A. Management
16-535 15/07/2019 First Impressions and Hiring - Does Perceptions of Criminality Matter? Smith, S. Psychology
16-538 21/06/2019 Market Driven Development in the Cruise Industry: The Case of the Dominican Republic. Ervine, K. International Development Studies
16-539 27/06/2019 The Discourse of Transnational Labour in Nova Scotia Agriculture. Randle, H. Atlantic Canada Studies
16-561 05/07/2019 EMPOWER: The Healthy and Productive Workplace Partnership: Fostering Worker and Workplace Health. Day, A. Psychology
16-566 18/07/2019 Maximizing the Potential of Age-Diverse Work Groups and their Leaders in Contemporary Workplaces. Loughlin, C. Management
16-582 12/07/2019 Partnership for a Healthy Workplace: Response to Breast Cancer. Kocum, L. Psychology
16-583 09/08/2019 Applying Intelligence to Evaluating Drawing Accuracy: Crowd-Sourcing Study. Reichertz, M. NSCAD University
16-584 28/07/2019 Socioeconomic Correlates of Honesty: An Experimental Approach. Dilmaghani, M. Economics
16-585 25/07/2019 Marketing Video Game Rewards as a Promotional Premium. Pancer, E. Marketing
16-602 16/10/2019 Children of the Enemy: Narrative Constructions of Identity Following Wartime Rape and Transgenerational Trauma in Post-WWI Germany and Post-conflict Bosnia. Takseva, T. English
16-612 20/07/2019 Implementing and Evaluating an Empirically Supported Training Program to Enhance Emotional Managent Skills and Professional Resiliency in Healthcare Providers. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
16-623 14/12/2018 Leadership and Personality: A Study in South Korea. Catano, V. Psychology
16-628 14/09/2019 To What Extent Does the Windsor Elms Village Provide a Psychologically Healthy Workplace. Kelloway, K. Business Administration
16-667 06/09/2019 The Canadian National Domestic Homicide Database. Crocker, D. Sociology
16-670 09/09/2019 Atlantic Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research Project. Farrell, E. Management
17-007 14/09/2019 Nova Scotia Dialect Survey. Henry, E. Anthropology
17-008 28/09/2018 The Effects of I-Tyrosine on the Dynamics of Human Information Processing. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
17-010 22/09/2019 The Skeptical Lie Detector: Investigating the Relationship Between Skepticism, Personality Variables and Lie Detection Ability. Ternes, M. Psychology
17-035 19/10/2019 EMPOWER. Day, A. Psychology
17-059 15/02/2019 Preferences of Single Mothers: Relationship Types and The Role of Dominance and Assertiveness. Fisher, M. Psychology
17-068 02/12/2018 Illiniavugut Nunami: Inuit Student Learning Journeys. Leroux, D. Sociology
17-083 28/11/2018 Erasure Behaviour in Analog Versus Digital Drawing. Reichertz, M. Drawing Laboratory, NSCAD University
17-085 26/10/2019 Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative for Vulnerable Populations: Key Informant Survey and Interviews. Crocker, D. Sociology
17-095 10/11/2018 Assessment of Attractiveness within Group Photos. Fisher, M. Psychology
17-096 16/11/2019 Decision Making in a Legal Context. Stinson, V. Psychology
17-128 25/01/2019 Foveal and Peripheral Vision in Observational Drawing: Image Manipulation Study. Reichertz, M. Drawing Laboratory, NSCAD University
17-149 12/01/2019 Fostering a Psychologically Healthy Workplace. Day, A. Psychology
17-152 08/12/2018 Source Expertise as a Factor of Social Influence: Examining Judgment Conformity, Decision Confidence, and Source Trust. Van Der Valk, A. Psychology
17-167 07/02/2019 Reducing Child Mortality in Uganda: Improving Basic Health Practices of Adolescent Girls Through Informal Education. O'Malley, A. International Development Studies
17-172 09/01/2019 Developing a Model of Deliberate Practice to Improve Commitment and Team Performance. Wagar, T. Management
17-184 24/01/2019 Changing Public Engagement. Dobrowolsky, A. Political Science
17-205 17/02/2019 The Learning Tree Tool: Learning From Our Safety Management Systems. Fleming, M. Psychology
17-226 22/03/2019 Validating the Mating Competitiveness Scale. Fisher, M. Psychology
17-265 26/04/2019 The Development of a Social-Ecological Wellbeing Indicator Framework for Guiding the Effectiveness of Locally-Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) Timor-Leste Southeast Asia. Charles, A. Environmental Studies
17-267 12/04/2019 The Experience and Expression of Anger in the Workplace. Kelloway, K. Psychology
17-271 04/04/2019 True Love and Other Options: Woman's Romantic Relationships. Fisher, M. Psychology
17-303 23/05/2019 Impact of Women with Breast Cancer: Thriving or Simply Surviving? Longitudinal Study. Kocum, L. Psychology
17-324 04/05/2019 Hindu Religiosities in Radical Spaces. Krishnamurti, S. Religious Studies
17-325 16/05/2019 Reading Religion in South Asian Comics and Graphic Novels, and Speculative Fiction. Krishnamurti, S. Religious Studies
17-326 08/06/2019 Back-way or Bust: Perceptions of Clandestine Migration from The Gambia, West Africa. Conrad, C. Geography
17-334 19/06/2019 Embedding Intersectionality in Accessible and Inclusive Research with Diverse Women with Disabilities. Byers, M. Women & Gender Studies
17-347 23/08/2019 Healthy and Productive Knowledge Workers: Development of Tools to Study the Leaves of Absence Due to Personal or Familial Mental Health Issues and Return to Work. Kelloway, K. Psychology
17-364 21/06/2019 Individual and Organizational Performance Factors in Hybrid Social Enterprises. DeFuentes, C. Management
17-367 04/07/2019 "For Us by Us": Children's Picture Books to Promote Solidarity and Acceptance in the Age of Refugees. Mandrona, A. Art History & Contemporary Culture
17-368 07/07/2019 Community-based Responses to Marine Hazards and Advice on Hazard Responses for Costal Communities. Charles, A. Environmental Studies
17-385 5/07/2019 Community Engagement in Coastal Futures Planning in Port Mouton Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
17-395 12/07/2019 Do Canadians Understand the Risk of False Confessions? Patry, M. Psychology
17-419 11/08/2019 The Role of Word Familiarity on Social Media Engagement. Pancer, E. Marketing
17-420 29/08/2019 Exploring University Career Counselling Using Narrative-Based Research. Jeffrey, D. Career Services
17-421 9/10/2019 The Correlates of Hypersexuality in a Student Community Sample. Stephens, S. Psychology
17-431 27/08/2019 Trade, Politics and Society. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
17-440 6/10/2019 Transnational Pedagogies of Hindu Religousity: Vedic Heritage Classes for Children. Krishnamurti, S. Religious Studies
17-463 14/11/2019 Green Auditing in the Anglican Church of Canada Faseruk, A. Finance, Management Science
17-469 15/09/2019 Attentional Control and the Simon Effect. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
17-477 29/09/2018 A Dual-Process Model of Analytical Engagement in Auditing. Pietsch, C. Accounting
17-478 18/10/2019 Analysis of Student Risk Assessment and Patterns of Substance Use in a University Population. Ternes, M. Psychology
17-480 15/10/2019 Design, Development, and Evaluation of Technologies for Engaging Communities. Akiyama, Y. Mathematics & Computing Science
17-481 24/11/2018 Push and Pull: The Role of Power Dyanamics in Strategic Decision Making in Health Non-profits. Hervieux, C. Management
17-484 17/12/2018 Seeing the Unseen Dynamics in the Board Room: A Video Ethnographic Study on Board Team Interactions. Liu Feng Management
17-490 19/10/2018 Personality and Negotiation Study. Oore, D. Psychology
17-507 24/11/2018 Why Learn Irish? An Ethnographic Analysis of Irish Language Students Motivations. Henry, E. Anthropology
17-510 27/11/2018 Fictive Kinship in a Sorority. Henry, E. Anthropology
17-518 24/01/2019 LIST (Learn, Identify, Support & Treat): The Impact of a Comprehensive Mental Health Literacy Intervention for Post Secondary Settings- The Implementation and Evaluation of Transitions Among 6 Campuses in Atlantic Provinces. Zhang, M. Finace
17-521 25/10/2019 Job Seekers' Impression Management and Attitudes Toward Employers' Use of Social Media in Selection. Roulin, N. Psychology
17-528 15/01/2019 The State of Disability Health Development in Nigeria: A Case of Cerbral Palsy. Huish, R. International Development Studies
17-532 02/11/2018 Differentiating Honest from Deceptive Impression Management. Roulin, N. Psychology
18-135 20/12/2018 An Exploration of Positive and Negative Peer Interactions between Youths. Closson, L. Psychology
18-136 20/12/2018 Reading Comprehension: The Intersection of Social, Motivational, and Cognitive Factors for Adolescent Readers. Conrad, N. Psychology
18-137 14/12/2018 What is the Potential that Bio-Inspired Artifacts Have Towards Achieving a Better (Healthier) Home Enviroments? Brebenel, E. Craft, NSCAD University
18-138 21/12/2018 Dark Personality and Integrity. Catano, V. Psychology
18-139 12/17/2018 Strategies of Deception and Detection for Academic Excuses. Ternes, M. Psychology
18-140 22/11/2018 Organizational Culture and Behaviors in Selection Roulin, N. Psychology
18-141 23/01/2019 The Relationship between Parental Divorce During Childhood and Long-term Emotional Intelligence. Conrad, N. Psychology
18-142 08/01/2019 Selection in the Teacher Profession, Teachers Labour Market Dynamics and Student Segregation. Milla, J. Economics
18-143 14/01/2019 Exploring Police Interrogation Techniques. Ternes, M. Psychology
18-144 21/12/2018 The Role of Leadership, Athletic Identity, and Safety Outcomes in Team Sports. Kelloway, K. Psychology
18-145 15/01/2019 Evaluating the Role of Statistical Learning of Orthographic Regularities in Orthographic Learning. Conrad, N. Psychology
18-147 20/12/2018 Building Collaboratively a New Integration Model of Female Refugees and Newcomers in Athens, Greece. Tastsoglou, E. International Development Studies
18-148 16/01/2019 Examining the Reversal Effect of Crime Prevention Signs through Social Normative Theory. Smith, S. Psychology
18-149 29/01/2019 Intrasexual Competition and Mothers: Perceptions of Those Who Derogate Their Rivals and Self Promote. Fisher, M. Psychology
18-150 12/02/2019 Using Short-term Study-abroad Programs to Augment Practicums for Pre-service Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs). Brown, H. University of Niigata Prefecture
18-151 30/01/2019 Teachers Belief and Practice in Spelling Instruction: A Canadian Perspective. Conrad. N. Psychology
18-152 29/01/2019 The Evaluation of Women's Advertised Personalities. Fisher, M. Psychology
18-153 22/01/2019 The Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life, Effects on Earthly Identities and Attitudes. Cameron, J. Psychology
18-154 18/01/2019 Climate Change: Individual Attitudes and Behaviours. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
18-155 22/01/2019 The Cross-cultural Motivations to Pursue a University Degree. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
18-156 26/02/2019 Influence of Global Learning on Motivation, Critical Thinking and Understanding in First Year Chemistry. Sheppard, M. Chemistry
18-157 08/02/2019 What the Mi'gmaq Language Teaches Us. Reid, J. Atlantic Canada Studies
18-158 16/02/2019 Not Queer Enough: Youth Belongingness in the LGBTQ* Community. Closson, L. Psychology
18-159 05/02/2019 Understanding the Leader-subordinate Relationship- SSHRC Dyad Study. Holmvall, C. Psychology
18-161 24/01/2019 Evaluation of Women's Advertised Personalities. Bourgeois, C. Psychology
18-162 22/02/2019 Examining the Impact of Uncivil Subordinates on Leader Affect: Competance and Relatedness Needs Frustration in Male and Female Leaders. Holmvall, C. Psychology
18-163 12/03/2019 Supporting and Digital Culture: The Effect of Leader ICT Use & Expectations on Employee Wellbeing. Day, A. Psychology
18-164 24/02/2019 The Myth of Employment Equity: Policy versus Practice at Atlantic Canadian Universities. Bunjun, B. Women & Gender Studies
18-166 06/03/2019 Can the Use of Organizational Support Lead to Motherhood Bias? Kocum, L. Psychology
18-168 23/02/2019 The Impact of Strikes on the Population: Evidence from the 2008-2009 OC Transpo Strike. Chandler, V. Economics
18-169 06/03/2019 Meaningful Change: Exploring the Experience of Transformation through Participation in 7th Step Society. Livingston, J. Criminology
18-170 05/03/2019 Understanding Leader's Views of the Leader-subordinate Relationship- SSHRC Study 5. Holmvall, C. Psychology
18-171 24/02/2019 Leader Emergence and Shared Leadership in Teams. Loughlin, C. Management
18-172 26/03/2019 Informing the Development of Assessment and Treatment Services from Minor Attracted Persons. Stephens, S. Psychology
18-173 2/08/2019 A Community Policing Approach to Persons with Mental Illness: Examining the Influence of an Inter-Agency First Response Model on Police Resource Efficiency.  Schneider, S.  Criminology
18-174 16/03/2019 Class Project to Give Students Practical Experince In Conducting Social Science Research Methods as Part of a Research Methods Course in International Development Studies (IDST 4829). McAllister, K. International Development Studies
18-175 09/03/2019 Evaluation of Circles of Support and Accountability: Phase 1 (Narrative Interviews). Crocker, D. Criminology
18-179 19/06/2019 Communities Conservation and Livelihoods Film. Charles, A. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
18-180 08/05/2019 Coastal Communities & Marine Hazards Film. Charles, A. Environmental Studies
18-182 08/04/2019 Healthy Relationships Survey. Closson, L. Psychology
18-183 26/07/2019 Canada, Health & Humanitarianism in South and South East Asia, 1950-1970.  Twohig, P.  Atlantic Canada Studies
18-184 10/04/2019 Who Comes, Who Stays, Who Leaves Nova Scotia and Why. Akbari, A. Economics
18-186 09/05/2019 A Pre/Post Legislation Survey of Cannabis Use and Attitudes. Patry, M. Psychology
18-187 09/05/2019 Proactive Planning: Who Says It Can't Be Done During a Crisis? Rixon, D. Accounting
18-188 01/03/2019 An Assessment of the Climate for Impact on Board Decision-Making in the Nonprofit Boardroom- A Case Study. Loughlin, C. Management
18-191 6/06/2019 Study One: Safety Voice Training: Improving Young Workers Willingness, Ability and Confidence to Voice Safety Concerns.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
18-193 01/05/2019 Hiring Professionals' Use and Perceptions of Video Interviewing. Roulin, N. Psychology
18-195 26/07/2019 Language Teacher Education in Study Abroad Context.  Plews, J.  Modern Languages and Classics
18-197 28/04/2019 Working with Victims in the Provision of Forensic Mental Health Services. Livingston, J. Criminology
18-198  20/06/2019  Effect of Training on Situational Judgement Test Through Improving Domain Knowledge: A Training Study on Implicit Trait Policies.   Catano, V. Psychology
18-200 28/06/2019 Engaging (In) Justice Research. Crocker, D.  Criminology
18-203 19/07/2019 Customer Behaviour in Retail Settings: Study 2.  Holmvall, C.  Psychology
18-204 17/09/2019 Fitting In and/or Standing Out: Lebanese-Canadian Women's Experiences of Beauty Culture. MacNevin, A. Women and Gender Studies
18-206 28/06/2019 A Discription Accounting Standard for Private Enterprises Reporting Implication for Among Canadian Agricultural Industries.  Rixon, D.  Accounting
18-207 23/07/2019 Qualitative Analysis of Traditional versus Inquiry-Style Laboratory in the First Year Chemistry Buffer Experiment. Sheppard, M.  Chemistry
18-208 4/07/2019 Minority Reporting: Preventative Detention in Canada and Northern Ireland. Carver, A.  Criminology
18-210 30/08/2019 Accessibility and Transnational Dimension of Immigrant Healthcare. Kwak, M. Geography and Environmental Studies
18-211 22/10/2019 Were You Being Coercive or Providing an Opportunity to Come Clean? An Investigation of Alternative Questions. Ternes, M. Psychology
18-212 1/06/2019 Social Justice in Focus: Youth with Refugee Experience Explore Social Justice Through Participatory Photography in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Mandrona, A. Art History and Contemporary Culture, NSCAD University
18-215 17/17/2019 Speaking Up versus Speaking Out: Exploring the Appraisal Process in Employee Silence.  Carroll, W.  Management
18-223 19/09/2019 Send Nudes?: Risk Factors for the Prepetration of Technology Facilitated Sexual Violence and Consequences in Victim Mental Health. Stephens, S. Psychology
18-225 24/09/2019 The Impact of Mandatory Reporting on Clinical Service Provision to Clients: A Study of Regulated Health Professionals. Stephens, S. Psychology
19-001 20/09/2019 Detecting Deception Using Mock Interview Video Recordings. Roulin, N. Psychology
19-002 24/09/2019 Student Engagement in Ratified Societies at Saint Mary's University. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
19-005 3/10/2019 Green Criminology and the Corporate Extraction of Water in Canada. Schneider, S. Criminology
19-006 17/10/2019 Shaping Autism Self-Advocates' Identities through Neurodiversity. MacCarthy, M. Anthropology
19-007 11/09/2019 Commodity Chain, Governance, and Urban Democracy- A Comparative Study of Four Canadian Cities: Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. DeFuentes, C. Management
19-009 17/09/2019 Calibrating Difficulty Level in a Set of Non-Words. Conrad, N. Psychology
19-015 16/10/2019 The Good Lives Model: A Gender-based Analysis of Women's Reintegrative Experiences. Crocker, D. Criminology
19-020 11/10/2019 A Framework for Communicating Quality-related Events in Nova Scotia Community Pharmacies: A Provincial Survey. Fleming, M. Psychology