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Dr. Jason Ivanoff Dr. Veronica Stinson
Co-Chair  Co-Chair 
Research Ethics Board  Research Ethics Board 
McNally South, 327  McNally South, 327 
Phone: (902) 491-6345  Phone: (902) 420-5861


Dr. Leanna Closson Orshy Torok 
Vice Chair Research Ethics Officer 
Research Ethics Board Office of Research Ethics 
McNally South 313 Atrium, 202 
Phone: (902) 491-6464 Phone: (902) 420-5728



Continuing Review:

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 10 am-12 pm


2018-2019 REB Committee Membership:

Dr. Mohammed Al-Hamdani   Psychology
Dr. Michele Byers    Women and Gender Studies
Mr. John Boddie   Community
Dr. Jim Cameron   Psychology
Dr. Ashley Carver    Criminology 
Mr. Youji Cheng   Community
Dr. Leanna Closson    Psychology 
Dr. Nicole Conrad    Psychology 
Dr. Diane Crocker   Criminology
Ms. Gena Dufour   Psychology
Mr. Matthew Elliott   Community
Prof. Chantelle Falconer    Sociology/International Development Studies
Mr. Brendan Grue   Engineering/Biology
Dr. Eric Henry   Anthropology
Dr. Chantal Hervieux   Management
Dr. Jason Ivanoff   Psychology
Dr. Kevin Kelloway   Psychology
Dr. Natalia Kochetova   Accounting
Dr. Min-Jung Kwak   Geography and Environmental Studies
Ms. Xin Li   Management
Dr. Jamie Livingston   Criminology
Dr. Luke MacDonald   Engineering
Dr. April Mandrona   Art History and Contemporary Culture, NSCAD
Ms. Wanda Power   Patrick Power Library, Reference and Research
Dr. Nicolas Roulin   Psychology
Dr. Ron Russell   Biology
Dr. Veronica Stinson   Psychology
Dr. Tatjana Takseva   English
Ms. Orshy Torok   Research Ethics

Courier Address:    
Saint Mary's University
Office of Research Ethics                         
923 Robie Street, AT 202                          
Halifax, NS, B3H-3C3                                    

Proposals for research ethics review may be sent directly to or dropped off at any of the following locations on campus: 

  1. Office of Research Ethics, Atrium Building, Room 202
  2. Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Office, Atrium Building, Room 210
  3. Psychology Department Office, McNally South, Room 323

The REB accepts requests at any time during regular university business hours.  If you have any questions, please contact the office for guidance at or (902) 420-5728.

Please note until June 30, 2020 the REB will register new requests on Tuesday and Wednesdays of each week.


Animal Care Committee (SMU ACC):

The SMU ACC ensures that no use of animals for display, teaching, research or testing is commenced without prior SMU ACC approval for a written animal use protocol and that all uses of animals for research or testing have been found through independent peer review to have scientific merit and that all uses of animals for display or teaching have been found through independent peer review to have pedagogical merit.  In its work, the SMU ACC abides by the regulations and guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).

The following can be used as contact information for the SMU ACC:

Dr. Kevin Vessey, Acting Chair of the Animal Care Committee
Professor, Department of Biology
Atrium Building 309
Phone: 902-491-6608 

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