Please note: students in all faculties are eligible for the projects listed below. Additional summer research opportunities available only for students in the Faculty of Science can be found here.


Summer 2019 Research Jobs for Students

Saint Mary's University is sponsoring several full-time summer research positions for Saint Mary's undergraduate students. This includes specific positions for those who are currently in their first year of university study and specific positions for upper year students interested in Social Sciences and Humanities projects, known as the SSHRC Explore program. These 12-week summer jobs are valued at $6000 each and will be held May to August 2019.

Summer research students will work with a Saint Mary's professor in one of the following areas:

Archeological Chemistry*
Archeology - Artifact Analysis
Business Analytics
Canadian Inuit History
Canadian Legal History
Clandestine Migration
Coastal Habitat Restoration*
Computational Chemistry*
Computing - 3D Vision Graphics*
Computing Science*
Consumer Behaviour
Corporate Governance
Criminology - Extreme Violence*
Data Visualization*
Engineering - Automation/Controls*
Experimental Nuclear Physics*
Criminology - Sexual Violence Policies
Criminology - Political Violence
Developmental Psychology
EDI in Corporate Governance
EDI in I/O Psychology
Environmental Conservation/Mitigation
Environmental Science - Ecotoxicology
Environmental Studies
Forensic Psychology
Green Chemistry*
Inorganic Chemistry*
Physical Chemistry*
Psychology - Reading Development
Sustainable Chemistry*
Sustainable Development

 * denotes a research area available only to first year students

How to Apply

Application deadline: Friday, March 1, 2019

Eligibility: Saint Mary's University students in any academic discipline

To be considered for a summer research position, please apply online by the application deadline and have the following items ready to provide via the online application:

  • one or two of the research areas listed above that you would like to work in
  • a short (up to one page) description/essay describing why you would like to be considered for this research position, including the following: 
    • why you have chosen the research areas you did
    • why you feel your courses (and/or your other experience) give you some background to work in the area(s) you've selected
  • your resume
  • your unofficial transcript from Banner

Note: Job selection will involve a review of your discussion/essay, your background and resume, and your academic record at Saint Mary's University. Our goal is to hire students in as many different research areas as possible from across all University Faculties: Arts, Business, and Science.


Saint Mary’s offers a vibrant and stimulating intellectual community, with an emphasis on student research. Our compact campus and small class sizes provide unprecedented access to professors, complemented by lab spaces and research facilities that are state-of-the-art. This combination leads to exceptional learning and growth opportunities.

Undergrad students may find themselves working as a paid research assistant, travelling the world for a study abroad program, taking part in field trips, presenting at a conference or even pursuing their original research — all during their undergrad years.

Saint Mary’s is also an excellent place to pursue graduate study, with 28 diverse PhD and Masters programs to choose from. Our grad students benefit from close collaboration with award-winning faculty members who are renowned experts and prolific researchers.