Employee Onboarding

Your HR Team

This is your Human Resources team:

Kim Squires, Senior Director, Human Resources

Kim plans, organizes, directs and controls the operation of Human Resources at the University. Kim acts as a resource to the University community and plays a key role in the evolution of the HR strategy for the University.

email: kim.squires@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5446


Sheree Delaney, HR Officer (Benefits, Pension & Compensation)

Sheree is your contact for employee benefit and pension, and faculty pension related matters. Sheree administers the University's employee benefits and pension plans; and coordinates job analysis and classification programs.

email: sheree.delaney@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5044


Leah Gibson, HR Officer (Staffing)

Leah Officer coordinates the University's staff recruitment, selection, onboarding and exit interview processes in accordance with established standards.

email: hr@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5563


Kennedy Fitzgerald, Senior Director, Human Resources

Kennedy provides leadership and expertise in the University’s policies and procedures generally and specifically relating to staffing, training / development, labour and employee relations. Kennedy is also member of the bargaining team.

email: kennedy.fitzgerald@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5881


Valerie Wadman, HR Officer (OH&S and Wellness)

Valerie is your main contact regarding all matters relevant to Occupational Health & Safety and Wellness. Valerie is a representative of the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee and Sub-committees.

email: valerie.wadman@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5658


Bridget Brownlow, Conflict Resolution Advisor

Bridget works with faculty, staff and students to create an academic, working and living environment that is respectful of all members of the University community that is free of harassment (including sexual harassment) and discrimination.

email: bridget.brownlow@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5113


Deborah Brothers-Scott, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

Deborah provides leadership, advice and guidance on issues related employment equity, diversity and inclusion within the university community.

email: Deborah.Brothers-Scott@smu.ca                                                    

tel: 902-496-8265


Trish Hebert, Human Resources Assistant

Trish is your first point of contact within the Human Resources Department for questions regarding vacation/sick entitlement and HR policies/procedures.

email: hr@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5564


Tricia MacPhee, Supervisor, Payroll & HRIS

Tricia produces various remittances, reconciliations and reports. Tricia manages year-end processes, and is the lead for ongoing development, testing and implementation of Banner HR/Payroll system enhancements.

email: tricia.macphee@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5460


Melissa Mullins, Senior Payroll Administrator

Donna Bevis, Payroll Administrator

Kiya Willman, Payroll Administrator

Your first point of contact within the Payroll Department for questions regarding pay. The payroll department prepares Full-Time/Part-Time/Casual/Student payroll for a population over 2000.

email: melissa.mullins@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5408

email: donna.bevis@smu.ca

tel: 902-491-6223 

email: kiya.willman@smu.ca

tel: 902-420-5471