Canadian Summer School in Germany


Each student must also obtain a Letter of Permission or Visiting Student Authorization Letter from their home university. This letter allows a student to take credits at a different university. You can obtain this form at your university’s Registrar’s Office and your German department can help you to fill it out.  

If you have never attended Saint Mary's University, you must complete a SMU Application Form which requires a $40 application fee. You must do this as soon as possible after applying to the CSSG program.

Canadian citizens staying for less than 3 months in Germany are not required to obtain a Visa. Permanent residents and international students MUST apply for a visa before flying to Germany. The visa application may take several weeks; therefore it is advisable to submit your documents early in order to obtain your visa on time. If you need further information on how to procure a visa, please contact Feisal Kirumira (CSSG Instructor) at

University policies of which you need to be aware

Student Appeals
Code of Student Behaviour