Canadian Summer School in Germany

About the CSSG Program

The Canadian Summer School in Germany (CSSG) offers university-level language and culture studies in Kassel, in a unique and intensive immersion program.

The CSSG is organized under the auspices of the Canadian Association of University Teachers of German (CAUTG) and offers courses at almost beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. For 6½ weeks, students participate in a full course (approximately 85 hours of classroom instruction) and in numerous additional activities: presentations at various museums, visits to theatres and operas, sporting events, excursions to cities with cultural and historical significance, and a four-day trip to Berlin.

The main feature of the program, though, is students' rapid progress in linguistic skills enhanced mainly by the fact that they are immersed in German life, culture, and civilization.

In 2007 the CSSG Tandem Partner Project was launched, whereby Canadian students are matched with students at the University of Kassel to improve speaking skills in the students' non-native language and share experiences about student life.


Language Policy

The CSSG is an immersion program. It is essential that students demonstrate a commitment to communicate solely in German during all CSSG activities.

If a CSSG instructor hears a student speaking a language other than German, the incident is noted and the student receives a yellow card. The consequence of three infractions is a red card. A red card will result in exclusion from a CSSG excursion. A red card after the excursions will result in a 5% deduction from your final mark.

To promote self-awareness and independent learning the CSSG program introduced in 2012 the green card system whereby students vote for a peer who has most consistently spoken German outside class. The green cards are handed out and celebrated weekly.

Prizes are awarded to students who have spoken only German during CSSG activities. 

Students will be required to sign the CSSG Language Agreement.

This policy is strictly enforced.