Canadian Summer School in Germany

Calendar and Events

During your stay in Kassel, the CSSG program offers a variety of interesting activities. These range from guest speakers, city walking tours, visits to museums and sites of remembrance, learning traditional German folk dancing, going to musicals, operas, and theatre plays (where you get to dress up smart :) ), going to a soccer match, as well as recreational activities like salsa dancing, playing soccer, bowling, etc. We also arrange trips to Berlin and at least one other city (in 2019: the exciting city of Leipzig!). The schedule you see (below) is preliminary.

The calendar shows the main events and activities, but each year we offer more activities during the program. When in Germany, we will have constant updates. It is up to you to make the most of your stay — participation in the events we arrange for you is among the highlights of the program. 

Participation in all CSSG excursions (Berlin, Leipzig, concerts, etc.) is voluntary but also expected, since they are integrated with the learning goals and assignments. The cost of these excursions is included in your program fee.

This is a great opportunity to experience German culture and life style first hand, discover the old and new Germany, enhance your understanding of historical, political, and cultural developments in Germany, and ultimately rediscover yourself through immersion.

Important Dates

The 2019 CSSG program runs from May 8 to June 23, 2019. In order to arrive in Germany in the morning of May 8, you will have to leave Canada on May 7 at the latest.