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Strategic Research Plan Renewal


Information and Materials on the 2018-19 Strategic Research Plan Renewal will be posted here.




Under instruction of Dr. David Gauthier, Vice President Academic and Research, Dr. Kevin Vessey, Associate Vice President Research and Dean of the FGSR, has been charged with leading a campus-wide consultation for the renewal of the University’s Strategic Research Plan (SRP).

Aside from the strategic planning benefits that come from having a renewed SRP, to take advantage of certain Government of Canada research funding programs (e.g. Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program; Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) program), Universities in Canada are required to have an SRP that meets certain criteria and follows a prescribed format. A complete listing of the summary of Canadian Universities SRPs can be found at the CRC website.

To view Saint Mary’s current SRP, see: http://www.smu.ca/academic/vp/research-plan.html. The current plan was originally written in 1999 and it has undergone only minor changes/updates over the years under the authority of the Dean of the FGSR. These changes have normally been associated with submission of funding applications to the CRC and CFI programs.


The renewal of Saint Mary’s SRP is association with, but also to flow from and be consistent with, the renewal of the University’s Academic Plan.

Dr. Vessey gave presentations on the SRP and its renewal as part of a Town Hall sessions in March 2011 and January 2012. Presentations on the renewal of the SRP were also given by Dr. Vessey at the FGSR Faculty Council meetings in April and December of 2011. At all these events, feedback and submission were invited from Faculty and staff on the revision to the SRP.

As the renewed SRP must be consistent and supportive of the renewed Academic Plan, drafts of the renewed SRP are not anticipated until the Academic Plan is finalized or near finalization in the first quarter of 2012. As consultation drafts of the revised SRP are available, they will be posted to this site. Dr. Vessey will also consult widely with others in the Saint May’s Community right up until the SRP is finalized for consideration by Senate. It is intended to have the SRP ready for consideration by Senate for its May 2012 meeting.

Submissions from the Saint Mary’s Community on the SRP renewal are welcomes at any time. Send your comments directly to Dr. Vessey at kevin.vessey@smu.ca.

Supporting documents:

Several supporting documents/analytical reports have been compiled by Dr. Vessey and are available below:

First Consultation Draft

Please provide your comments on the first consultation draft of the Strategic Research Plan to Dr. Kevin Vessey (kevin.vessey@smu.ca) by September 30, 2012.

Second Consultation Draft

A Town Hall Session will be held on the Second Draft of the Strategic Research Plan at 1:00 PM on 15 November 2012 in the Scotia Bank Theatre.

The Renewed Strategic Research Plan

The 2012 Strategic Research Plan was approved by the Senate of Saint Mary’s University on December 14, 2012.