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Accurate Completion of Payroll Forms and Other IMPORTANT Information

The following information is being provided in an effort to reduce the number of employee’s who are not getting paid on a timely basis due to incomplete paperwork and the time it takes payroll to contact the employee and/or department to resolve these issues.

Failure to provide complete paperwork will result in forms being returned to the department. Once corrected, the paperwork will be processed in the next pay cycle and Payroll Cut-Off Schedules will apply.

New Forms:
There are a large number of outdated forms being submitted by various departments. Please dispose of the old forms and use the new forms available on the Human Resources Website.

Please ensure that you are printing these forms on the correct size paper. We are receiving legal forms printed on letter size paper, which means the signatures are being cut off and are therefore missing when submitted.

Bank Information:
We require a VOID cheque for all employees. If you do not have a checking account, you can request a Deposit Advice from your bank.

Start and End Dates and Applicable Hours:
We require start and end dates for all Casual Employee Action and Change Forms and Fixed Remuneration Forms. Note that the form says if there is no end date, we will terminate the job one year after the start date. Dates and hours are required on all Bi-weekly Time Reports and Fixed Remuneration Forms. If there are no hours applicable i.e. honorariums, indicate that on the form. If you are terminating an employee outside of the specified end date, please notify Payroll with the termination reason, as we produce numerous Records of Employment and confirmation letters and require this information. “End of Contract” is the default termination reason unless otherwise informed.

Changing information:
If an employee is already set-up in Banner and has no change to their biographical, bank or emergency contact information, write “On File” in the applicable section, rather than completing the information again.

Minimum Wage:
Effective April 1, 2014, the minimum wage is $10.40 /hr. There will be a communication sent in advance of any future minimum wage changes. You are not required to submit paperwork for a minimum wage rate change but are required to correct the hourly rate on all forms submitted on a go-forward basis.

Keep copies of all paperwork:
You are advised to keep copies of all paperwork submitted to payroll. We are inundated with employees and departments looking for copies of submitted paperwork.
Also, note that as part of the SEEP program, you are required to report specific information at the end of the program and without your copies, you will not have that information readily available.

Changing Budget Codes:
If you are changing a budget code ONLY, the employee’s signature is not required.

Changing pay rates:
If you are changing a pay rate, the employee and signing authority MUST both sign the Casual Employee Action and Change Forms.

Nepotism Policy:
The university has a documented Nepotism Policy. This policy is designed to minimize the occurrence of a conflict of interest in employment decisions and to manage them when they do arise. We encourage everyone to review this policy.

Social Insurance Numbers:
ALL employees require a valid Social Insurance Number. Please refer to the Human Resource and Social Development Canada website for information on how to apply.

**NEW** Social Insurance Number (SIN) and VISA Expiry Dates:
We are required by government legislation to ensure employees are not paid after their SIN and/or VISA expires. Banner will allow us to track these expiry dates, so on a go-forward basis, the employee will be required to attach a copy of their SIN card and/or Work Permit or Study VISA if their SIN number starts with a “9”. They only have to attach these copies once. If they have already done so, they can write “On File” on that section of their form.