The traditional University parchment outlines the name of the degree, the student's name and the date conferred plus any earned academic distinctions. If the student has completed an honours programme, this is indicated together with the subject(s) of honours. The same applies to the Co-operative Education Programme.

All other details with respect to a student's academic programme(s) – grade point average, major(s), minor(s), Dean's list, scholarships, awards as well as academic probation are found on the student's academic record as indicated in Academic Regulations 27 and 32.

These are and continue to be the traditional practices of almost every degree granting post-secondary institution in Canada.

Removing Parchments from Tubes‌
Parchment Rolls

In removing parchments from the presentation tubes, students are advised that these are printed on special paper stock and must ‌be handled carefully. In order to remove them from the tubes, twist the parchment into as small a roll as possible and very gently pull it out of the tube.

Replacement Parchments

Parchments which are damaged or lost can be replaced by submitting a completed request form. The cost is $50.00 plus HST ($57.50).

Non-Traditional Parchments

Since 2000, students have the option of exchanging their traditional parchment for a non-traditional parchment with their subject major(s).

To order a non-traditional parchment, please complete a request form and return to the Service Centre with your original parchment and payment.

Non-traditional parchments are $25.00 plus HST ($28.75).

Certified Parchments

A certified parchment is a photocopy of your original parchment that is signed and sealed by the Registrar.

To request a certified parchment, please complete ONE of the following:

  • Scan and email a copy of your original parchment. 
  • Fax a copy of your parchment to 902-496-8100.
  • Bring original parchment to the Service Centre, McNally Main 108, to be photocopied.

Once a copy is made or received, allow five business days for it to be certified (signed and sealed).

If you would like your certified parchment mailed to you, include your mailing address with your request. Otherwise, your request will be held for pick up at the Service Centre.


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