Centre for Environmental Analysis and Remediation (CEAR)

Liquid Chromatography


CEAR houses a LC/MSD Trap (Agilent 1100) equipped with diode array detector (DAD) and ion-trap mass spectrometer. The mass spectrometer acquires MSn spectra of positive and negative ions between 50 and 2200 m/z. Mass accuracy of ± 0.2 u in normal resolution at full scan mode.

The LC/MSD Trap can be used with two atmospheric pressure ionization sources: electrospray ionization (ESI) or chemical ionization (APCI). Both configurations are compatible with most chromatographic separation techniques and with a broad range of mobile phase compositions.

Some of our applications for LC/MS include:

  • Separation and purification of compounds in mixtures
  • Identification and quantification of nonvolatile compounds, including organics, organometallics, peptides, proteins and other polymers
  • Evaluation of purity of synthesized compounds
  • Characterization of unknown substances