Marketing Department

Marketing deals with how products are created, developed and sold, but ultimately, it’s about managing relationships — with clients, customers, shareholders, partners and others. Through the study of marketing, you’ll sharpen your public speaking, organizational, critical thinking and teamwork skills. You’ll also build communications skills and an awareness of the importance of ethics and social responsibility.

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Acting Department Chair
Valerie Creelman, Ph.D.

Department Secretary
Colleen Lesbirel

T 902-420-5802
F 902-420-5112
Sobey Building 150


Marketing Faculty

Valerie Creelman, Ph.D.
Gordon Fullerton, Ph.D. 
Karen Grandy, Ph.D. 
Chankon Kim, Ph.D. 
Miguel Morales, Ph.D.
Ethan Pancer, Ph.D. 
Ramesh Venkat, Ph.D.
Tiffany Vu, Ph.D.
Mei-Ling Wei, Ph.D.

Communications Editors

Angela Garofolo, BA 
Kimberley Hicks, BA, B.Ed.
Amy Clement, BA, B.Ed.

There is a Sobey Marketing Society for students. For more information about student societies, check with the Saint Mary’s University Students Association.