Centre for Leadership Excellence

The Centre for Leadership Excellence is a Senate centre of the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University. The Centre for Leadership Excellence (CLE) aims to foster an environment where emerging models of leadership can be explored and the theoretical and practical value of these models can be shared with stakeholders.

The Centre's work is organized in two streams:

Capacity Building for Innovation  | Impactlab


Featured News

September 16, 2019

Riitta Forsten-Asktikainen, CLE Visiting ScholarWe are excited to officially welcome visiting scholar, Riitta Forsten-Astikainen from the Micro-Entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence at the University of Oulu, Finland to Saint Mary's University. She will be working with Dr. Chantal Hervieux and the CLE over the next three months collecting data on Human Resource Management in SMEs, to compare findings from Halifax to Finland. She is also collecting comparative data from Canadian micro-entrepreneurs regarding their perceptions of growth in micro-enterprises. We look forward to working with Riitta and at the same time, learning more about the Finnish Business Environment. 

August 29, 2019

What kills great social innovation projects? In some cases, it is the fact that ownership is not successfully transferred to the applicable community.

Partnered with Common Good Solutions (CGS), the ImpactLab team is studying the transfer of ownership of social innovation projects to communities. Specifically, our ImpactLab will be looking at the factors that attract, or deter, community actors from taking this ownership role and if they have taken this role, why they took on this position. The project will help CGS and the communities they work with better understand the factors that enable projects to transition to ownership within the community. Plus, this will further the available research and knowledge for other government or social-led business ventures transitioning ownership to the community. 

August 23, 2019
Meghan Brodmann, CLE Coordinator

The Centre is pleased to welcome MBA student and President of the MBA Society Meghan Brodmann to the role of Coordinator for the CLE. Meghan has contributed to the School in many ways already, including sharing her voice as part of the ongoing Sobey School Strategic Planning process. You will find Meghan's coordinates under the Contact Us tab.



NEW CLE Capacity Building for Innovation (CBI)

During the last decades we have seen an intensification of several social complex challenges linked to economy, financial institutions, environment, and increased global interaction, amongst others. To better tackle these, we required knowledge and capacities at different levels, from individual to country and even globally.

The mission of CBI at the Centre for Leadership Excellence (CLE) is to contribute to capacity building for innovation and economic development in the global economy, and to study the role of innovation and its effects on the economy and society.

CLE Impactlab

The Centre for Leadership Excellence has a mandate to provide and support research and consulting expertise that will foster an environment where emerging models of leadership can be explored, and the theoretical and practical value of these models can be shared with stakeholders. Understanding that the value of emerging models can only be assessed through measures that capture their total impacts, the CLE founded the Impactlab. Through research and partnership with community actors, the Impactlab is developing and refining impact assessment tools that can account for the complex systems in which impact occurs. While the Centre for Leadership Excellence is guided by its objective of Fostering Innovation in Leadership, the Impactlab proposes to do Research with Impact

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