Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Faculty: Apply for Grants or Fellowships

Applying for grants or fellowships is a vital endeavour for all faculty to fund research or career goals.

To aid in this process, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research divides such opportunities into these general categories:


  • funding from Saint Mary's University, available only to current SMU faculty or SMU graduate students


  • funding opportunities from other institutions or agencies, which can be further separated into two broad categories:
    • funding from Canadian institutions, available only to Canadian faculty or graduate students                                                                                                 
    • funding from global institutions, available to non-Canadian faculty or graduate students


The following list provides some internal forms:

Application and Guidelines for an Internal Grant for New Faculty - Deadline October 15

Sample Internal New Faculty Grant

To show the detail the FGSR Research Committee is expecting.

Application and Guidelines for an Internal Grant for Established Faculty – Deadline February 15

Grantee's Progress Report
Required to reapply for Internal Grants or to extend the granting period of Internal Grants. This form may be emailed to the Research Grants Officer.

International Conference Participation Travel Fund
Application and guidelines - Deadlines October 15 and March 15


External Funding Opportunities 2018-19

Faculty Mobility Program (due 18 October 2018)
A new initiative that provides Canadian faculty with short-term opportunities to teach or conduct research in Latin Americas and the Caribbean, at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels.

Banting Research Foundation Discovery Award (due 15 March 2019)
This competition is open to new investigators at any Canadian university or affiliated research institute who will be within the first three years of the date of their first career academic appointment at the application deadline date of March 15, 2019.

Robin Rigby Trust - Call for Proposals
Proposals are invited from qualified individuals seeking financial support to undertake collaborative research projects that focus on understanding and implementing conservation and sustainable development in coastal areas.  (see Call for Proposals for definition of qualified individuals) Deadline to apply: Oct. 31, 2019

Fulbright Canada - Research Chairs Program
Competition open from May 15 - November 15, 2019