Should I do an honours degree?

An honours degree is about academic excellence and personal growth. It is designed for students to develop research expertise in an area of criminology that interests them. An honours thesis is a research project undertaken in the final year of a student’s program. The honours thesis requires students to focus on a research question(s) and to develop and sharpen their research skills. The thesis also provides students with important independent and critical thinking skills.

Writing an honours thesis allows students to develop their skills in:

  • Learning how to identify important research questions
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Identifying a topic, explore the research and identify a research question
  • Learn how to select theories and methodologies in accordance to the research topic
  • Data analysis
  • Proposal writing and project planning (learning how to make realistic outlines and timelines)
  • Advanced research essay writing (and scholarly writing in general)

How do I apply?

The first step is to look at the course calendar to see if you (the student) have met the proper criteria to qualify. There are certain courses and GPA requirements needed in order to quality for admission into the program. This is an important task that must be completed by the student wishing to apply, not a professor, academic advisor or departmental staff. The course calendar for Saint Mary’s University can be found here (please scroll down to ‘Criminology’):

Once a student has met the criteria based on departmental standards, there is a form that every student must fill out either before they are admitted into the program or at the beginning of the program after they have received confirmation of program admittance. Every student who wishes to apply must fill out this form and submit it to the Service Centre (MM108). 

Please see the Honours Handbook: 

Honours Handbook 2019-20