SAGA Volunteers

Promoting Global Awareness

At Saint Mary’s, there's lots of ways to get involved. In fact, you may want to consider volunteering for Students Acting for Global Awareness (SAGA), a group of international and Canadian students who organize on- and off-campus events that promote awareness of the different cultures represented at Saint Mary's University.

These events include:

  • International Night
  • Global Month
  • WUSC Refugee Symposium
  • Multicultural Arts Expose
  • Game nights
  • Movies nights

Why Get Involved?

As a volunteer, you’ll help increase global awareness by creating social activities that include all students and help Canadian and international students get to know each other, all while learning valuable new skills.

We need volunteers and volunteer coordinators who:

  • Enjoy working with a team
  • Have cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Want to help others
  • Have completed at least one academic year at Saint Mary's University
  • Are willing to attend a volunteer training camp in September, plus all other mandatory training sessions
  • Are available Fridays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

How to become a VolunteerFirst, see if you meet the requirements:

  • Willingness to work as a team member
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity
  • A strong desire to help others
  • Must have completed at least one academic year at Saint Mary's University
  • Must attend a Volunteer Training Camp in September
  • Must attend all other mandatory training sessions
  • Must be available Fridays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Click Here to apply to become a SAGA Volunteer. Application deadline: February 28th.

We also have a opening for a SAGA Volunteer Coordinator. You must have some experience for this position.

Requirements are the same as regular volunteers with the addition of:

  • Volunteer experience
  • Leadership experience
  • Must be available to work 15 hours per week in our office (working schedule depends on course load)


  • Assisting with the training and coordination of SAGA Volunteers
  • Organizing and overseeing SAGA Volunteers' events and activities
  • Assisting with the planning and delivery of training workshops for SAGA Volunteers
  • Assisting with the International Student Orientations in September, January and May
  • Assisting with any other activities as deemed necessary

Salary: $12.00 per Hour. Application deadline:TBA

Click Here to apply for the SAGA Coordinator position