Campus Life

Information for Students

Why participate in Service Learning (SL)?

  • Connect and apply curriculum (theory/concepts) to real-life situations

  • Reflect on the service experience, personal values, and issues of social responsibility 

  • Broaden knowledge, deepen skills, and challenge presumptions 

  • Collaborate and build networks with community members and organizations


SL Student Forms/Documents:

SL Student Handbook
provides detailed information about CBSL expectations, your rights and responsibilities, what to do if you're experiencing challenges during your SL experience, and frequently asked questions (FAQ's).

SL Safety & Orientation Checklist
is a tool to use when beginning your SL experience to help you orient yourself to your Community Partner and their programs and clientele. 

SL Student Agreement
outlines information about you and your SL option, as well as the expectations you have for your professor/course and your Community Partner.
TIMELINE: This form is completed before beginning your SL placement/project.

SL Completion Form
serves as an official record of completion for the SL experience and allows students to request a SL certificate of completion from the Service Learning Office.
TIMELINE: This form is completed and submitted to your professor by the last day of class.