Faculty and Visiting Professors

The core teaching and supervisory faculty consists of a team of internationally respected scholars, that consists of two Canada Research Chairs (Tier 1 and Tier 2), a 3M Teaching Award Winner, and three university-wide Research Excellence in Research Award winners. Together, they have published dozens of books, and hundreds of journal articles and conference papers. They have been recognized with national and university teaching excellence awards, and are deeply committed to the success of the Sobey Ph.D. program.


Core Teaching Faculty 2018

Wendy Carroll (MGMT 7702)
Catherine Loughlin (MGMT 7710)
Jean Helms Mills (MGMT 7720)
Albert J. Mills (MGMT 7701/MGMT 7703)
Vurain Tabvuma (MGMT 7704) 


Student Supervisors

Ather Akbari, PhD
Vic Catano, PhD
Arla Day, PhD
Claudia DeFuentes, PhD
Mark Fleming, PhD
Lori Francis, PhD
Jean Helms Mills, PhD
Camilla M. Holmvall, PhD
Dawn Jutla, PhD
Kevin Kelloway, PhD
Kate Kimery, PhD
Catherine Loughlin, PhD
Margaret McKee, PhD
Albert J. Mills, PhD
Martha MacDonald, PhD
James O'Brien, PhD
Russell J. Summers, PhD
Ramesh Venkat, PhD 

Dissertation Committee Members

Bruce Anderson, PhD
Valerie Creelman, PhD
Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, PhD
Gabrielle Durepos, PhD
Kelly E. Dye, PhD
James D. Grant, PhD
Camilla M. Holmvall, PhD
Chris MacDonald, PhD
Patricia Genoe McLaren, PhD
Sara Malton, PhD
Amy Thurlow, PhD
Terrance G. Weatherbee, PhD


Visiting Professors

Since the beginning of our program a number of leading scholars in the field have visited us to provide guest workshops and lectures to our student body. They include:

Iiris Aaltio, PhD (Jyvaskyla – Finland)
Mats Alvesson, PhD (Lund University – Sweden)
Karen Lee Ashcraft, PhD (University of Utah)
James Barker, PhD (Dalhousie University – Canada)
Jim Barry, PhD (University of East London – UK)
Jean Bartunek, PhD (Boston College – USA)
Emma Bell, PhD (Queen Mary U. – UK)
Yvonne Benschop, PhD (University Nijmegen – Holland)
Charles Booth, (University of West England)
Gibson Burrell, PhD (University of Leicester – UK)
Marta Calas, PhD (UMass, Amherst – USA)
Bill Cooke, PhD ( University of Manchester – UK)
Barbara Czarniawska, PhD (Göteborg University – Sweden)
Elizabeth Deeds Ermath, PhD (Trent University – Canada)
Silvia Gherardi, PhD (Trento University – Italy)
John Hassard, PhD (University of Manchester – UK)
Jeff Hearn, PhD (Swedish School of Economics – Finland)
Roy Stager Jacques, PhD (Massey University – New Zealand)
Alfred Kieser, PhD (University of Mannheim – Germany)
David Knights, PhD (Keele University – UK)
Alison Konrad, PhD (U. Western Ontario – Canada)
Stephen Linstead, PhD (York University – UK)
Joanne Martin, PhD (Stanford University – USA)
Gareth Morgan, PhD (York University – Canada)
Gregor Murray, PhD (Université de Montréal – Canada)
Ray Noe, PhD (Ohio State University – USA)
Linda Putnam (UCSB - USA)
Martin Parker (Warwick Universty – UK)
Anshuman Prasad, PhD (University of New Haven – USA)
Pushkala Prasad, PhD (Skidmore College – USA)
Michael Rowlinson (Queen Mary University – UK)
Linda Smircich, PhD (UMass, Amherst – USA)
Roy Suddaby, PhD (University of Alberta – Canada)
Janne Tienari, PhD (Aalto University – Finland)
Robyn Thomas, PhD (University of Cardiff – UK)
Eero Varra, PhD (Hanken University – Finland)