MTEI Program Schedule

MTEI students appreciate the flexibility of the program, which allows them to blend their studies with work responsibilities. Complete a full-time degree in just 12 or 16 months. Attend classes on alternating Fridays and Saturdays for 8 months, then choose an internship, project or thesis to complete your degree — whatever works best for you.

Program Schedule


September to October

  • MTEI 5510: Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MTEI 5520: Technology Entrepreneurship

October to December

  • MTEI 5530: Innovation Processes and Management
  • MTEI 5540: Entrepreneurial Marketing

January to February

  • MTEI 5550: Leading Technology Innovation and Change
  • MTEI 5560: Technology Strategy and Productivity

February to April

  • MTEI 5570: Accounting for Innovation
  • MTEI 5580: Globalization and Innovation Systems

Following the required courses, students will either

  1. Engage in their internship option,
  2. Take a required 6 credit hours from MTEI 5585: Applied Master project: Investor-Ready Business Plan and /or MTEI 5595: Applied Master Project: Launching and Growing. OR
  3. Undertake their thesis.

For further information, please refer to Courses or to the Graduate Programs Academic Calendar.