Women and Gender Studies

Recent WGSMA Theses

Author Thesis Title Date
Jennie Donovan "Multiple truths and contested identities: Power, gender, and governanace in first-hand accounts of shock therapy" December 5, 2013
Jane Gavin-Hebert “Plural Desires: Feminist Epistemology as Anarchist Praxis” August 16, 2011
Eliana Clay "Campaigning Against Violence Against Women from the Women's and Feminist Movement: A Case Study of the ¡Cuidado! El Machismo Mata Campaign in Chile" April 14, 2011
Julie Thompson "Death Becomes Her: Representations of Female Death and Dying in Three of Shakespeare's Tragedies" March 21, 2011
Eda Acara "A Case Study on the Discourse of Women's Conscientious Objection in Turkey" August 24, 2010
Wendy Robinson “Participation Engendering Belonging: A Study of Ten Immigrants Living in Halifax Regional Muncipality” August 11, 2010
Danielle Sharp “ Stitching Together A Past to Create a Future: Women, Quilting Groups And Community In Rural, Southern New Brunswick” January 22, 2010
Andrea D'Sylva You Can't be Goan and not eat Goan Food.  The intersection of Gender, Food and Identity: A Case Study of Goan Women in Greater Toronto Area September 24, 2009
Julien Davis "A Discipline in Transition: Trans Inclusion in Gender and Women's Studies in Canada" September 11, 2009
Nanok Cha "Korean Immigrant Women's Lived Experiences in Halifax: Challenging Gender Relations in Family, Work, and Community" March 30, 2009
Momoko Migita Gender-free Education in Japan: Post Modern Approaches to Knowledge Construction in the Classrooms February 6, 2009
Lyndsay Pearson The Revolution is (Just) a T-shirt Away: T-shirt Activism, Embodied Politics and Third Wave Feminism December 4, 2008
Lori Root “I may be lost but I know how to find my way”: The 'Lived' Experiences of Filipina Caregivers in the Live-in Caregiver Program in Halifax November 4, 2008
Sharon Woodill Domination in Ecofeminist Discourse October 28, 2008
Kristen Haase Cervical Cancer Treatment Policy in Urban Saskatchewan: A Feminist Case Study September 19, 2008
Leah McKeen The Politics of Omission: Religion in Women's Studies March 25, 2008
Alecia Green Whose Revolution is Televised?: African Nova Scotia Female Youth Respond to Sexual Politics in Hip Hop Culture & Everyday Life January 19, 2008
Kristel vomScheidt Associational Activities as a route to Public Office: Women in Nova Scotia Municipal Politics September 12, 2007
Maria Yax-Fraser A Balancing Act: The Choices and Processes of Cross-Cultural Mothering August 1, 2007
Linda Kearley Ending the Silence: Older Lesbians, Concerns and Considerations as Caregivers April 16, 2007
Carolina Crewe Exploring the Challenges of Incorporating Holistic Midwifery into the University Midwifery Education Structure in Ontario and British Columbia December 12, 2006
Amanda Topen Labour Market Integration Experiences of Immigrant Women from Sub-Saharan Africa November 16, 2006
Viola Winstanley Being a Teller in a Time of Globalization: The Everyday Lives of Five Women Bank Workers in Halifax, NS September 5, 2006
Olubunmi Oyinsan Healing Tongues: An Exploration of the Impact of Orature on Literary Texts by Black Women September 5, 2006
Awatef Rasheed Iraqi Women: Mechanisms of Shadowing, Subordination and Inferiorization August 21, 2006
Stephanie Fletcher The Canadian Policy Response to the Crisis in Care: Opportunities and Consequences for Women July 21, 2006
Kerry Sartor The Social Construction of Motherhood: A Feminist Analysis of Twentieth-Century Texts March 23, 2006