Marie Ann Battiste

Doctor of Letters

Dr. Battiste will receive an honorary doctor of letters for her achievements in the field of education and her contribution to Mi”Kmaq education and culture.

Dr. Battiste has education degrees from Stanford and Harvard University, and a science degree from the University of Maine. Since 1969, she has been involved in teaching and counselling Indians and in teaching Indian History at a number of Universities in the United States and Canada. During this time, she has taken part in many programs aimed at furthering Indian education and opportunity and has consistently pressed for the right of native people to have a strong say in the agenda for their education and the formation of their own curriculum.

Dr. Battiste’s published works include papers on many aspects of Mi’Kmaq culture and education and her next publication is entitled The Myth of Illiterate Savage and Mi’Kmaq. She has acted as a consultant on Indian matters for a number of United States and Canadian agencies, including the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa.