Louise Lore

Doctor of Letters

Louise Lore is a journalist who has accomplished much positive social action through the medium of television and is also committed to promoting and improving public broadcasting. After graduating with a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario and a Dip.Ed. From Ontario College of Education, she travelled and taught high school before joining the CBC in 1967, as a researcher for the current affair series, The Way It Is. Next assigned to the new Man Alive series, she produced and directed over 50 documentaries on religious, ethical, and human rights issues during her 21 years with this program. Man Alive is one of the most successful prime time documentaries in the history of the CBC and has received over fifty awards. Louise Lore used her talent and her faith to fulfill the program's mandate to celebrate those Canadians who inspire us to build a sense of community locally, nationally, and internationally. Under her direction, the program helps to build bridges of understanding to the dispossessed and the powerless and examines moral and ethical dilemmas at a time when all values are in question. She is currently responsible for the upcoming documentary series, God's Dominion, which explores the role of religion in the lives of Canadians. Louise Lore represents Canada on the Board of the International Public Television Conference. She also serves as a founding member of a National Film Board program to assist women of color and women of First Nations to become film and television makers of their own series. She has served on the board of Christian Women in the Media. In 1991, she received the Toronto Sun's Woman on the Move Award.