Eric P. Milledge

Doctor of Commerce

Eric Milledge graduated from Saint Mary's with a B.Comm. in 1972 and joined Ortho Pharmaceuticals (Canada) Ltd. as a sales representative the following year. He rose rapidly through the ranks of the company and by 1986 was Director of Marketing. In 1986, he was appointed National Sales Manager for Ortho Pharmaceuticals (U.S.) Limited, in 1988, he became Vice-President, Corporate Development, and in 1989, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing. In 1991, he became President of the Ortho Pharmaceuticals (U.S.) Ltd. He is a director of Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation. Eric Milledge was the guest speaker at the 1991 Commerce Dinner hosted by the Saint Mary's University Commerce Society. An article about him appeared in the Spring 1992 issue of the Maroon and White and the October 1992 issue of The Times.