Eligio Gaudio

Doctor of Commerce

Born in Mangone, Southern Italy, ELIGIO GAUDIO is the eldest of six children and came to Canada when he was six. He graduated from Saint Mary's in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts and a major in Economics. He demonstrated his broad-based talent early on. Gaudio was a varsity football player, the Co-Captain of the Varsity Rugby Team, one of the Editors of the Saint Mary's University Journal - a student publication. He received the Literary "M" Award for his contributions to campus media , the Gold "M" award (presented to the student who has made the most outstanding contributions to extracurricular activities during their years on campus) and was the Arts representative on the student council before graduating and becoming a retail stock broker in Ontario. Gaudio has held a number of high profile positions in a range of areas, including investment, travel, marketing and software. He is currently the President and CEO of the FRI Corporation in Toronto, a position that involves promoting the Corporation globally as well as creating shareholder value, maintaining corporate vision, setting strategic direction and managing day to day operations. FRI's mandate is "to provide software information and services to the North American and International financial community." It is one of the largest suppliers of portfolio management systems in Canada.

Gaudio is married with two children.