Douglas Grant Lochhead

Doctor of Letters

Professor Lochhead will receive an honorary doctorate of letters for his contribution to Atlantic Canada literature and culture and in recognition of his achievement as a poet, bibliographer, librarian and educator. He is also being recognized for his role as a pioneer in the field of Canadian literature, who has called attention to a body of work that might otherwise be neglected.

After graduating from McGill University in 1943, Professor Lochhead served in the Canadian Army. After the war, he obtained his MA in English from the University of Toronto. In 1950, he returned to McGill to obtain a Bachelor of Library Science, after which he worked as a Librarian at universities in Canada and the United States. In 1963, he began a twelve year appointment as Librarian of Massey College, University of Toronto. Since 1975, he has been Davidson Professor of Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University. In 1977, he founded the Centre for Canadian Studies at Mount Allison. In 1983-1984, he was the visiting professor of Canadian Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Lochhead has published a number of books of poetry and has edited many scholarly publications. His career has also included a wide range of graduate and undergraduate teaching and his work as a bibliographer of Canadian literature has been particularly outstanding.