Centre for Leadership Excellence

5th International CSR Conference

We were pleased to recently help stage the 5th Conference on the Social Responsibility of Organizations: "Pro-Social Innovations: From Responsible Finance to Social Entrepreneurship", an international conference that has for many years been the largest network of French-speaking Corporate Social Responsibility researchers (CSR). The event was held in June 2018 on the premises of the ISCAE of Casablanca, Morocco.

The conference was preceded by a doctoral workshop, including a seminar and mentoring workshop on the writing of scientific texts. About 25 students attended, bringing the full attendance at conference to nearly 100.

This scientific event is distinct from other events by a partnership with the International Management journal (IM). In keeping with its mission to accompany and support emerging researchers, the IM journal, ranked “A”in HCEERS-2015, and in category 2 of the ranking of the FNEGE-2013, partnered with the conference.


Co-organized by:

  • The International Alliance of Interdisciplinary Research Centers (AICRI, Morocco)
  • the Centre for Leadership Excellence (Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Canada)
  • the Centre for Doctoral Studies (ISCAE Group)
  • the Centre for Organization Research, Society and Environnent (OSE)
  • the Réseau International de Recherche sur les Organisations et le Développement Durable (RIODD)
  • the Chair for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development (CRSDD) of the School of Management Sciences (UQAM)
  • the Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility in Morocco (ORSEM)