Fr. William A. Stewart, S.J. Medal for Excellence in Teaching



In 1983, The Saint Mary's University Alumni Association, in cooperation with the Faculty Union and the Students' Representative Council, established The Father William A. Stewart, S.J., Medal for Teaching to honor a man who faithfully served the Saint Mary's community for many years, both as a teacher of Philosophy and an academic administrator.


This award is open to current full-time faculty members who have completed at least five years of teaching service at Saint Mary's University and have made significant contributions to the education of Saint Mary's students through excellence in teaching and service.


The Selection Committee will consider: a) Teaching ability and classroom performance, b) Interaction with students, and c) Extracurricular contributions to the life of the University.


Members of the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association, University employees, and students (who are not currently enrolled in courses taught by the candidate) may submit a Nomination Dossier, which should make a persuasive case using evidence from a variety of sources, including the candidate, students, peers, former students/alumni, and exemplary teaching materials.


Specific details pertaining to the Nomination Dossier requirements and regulations are currently being updated. Check back here soon for the updated Dossier.


Members of the Committee may be substituted in the event of conflicts of interest, including current working or teacher-student relationships, or previous support of the nomination of any of the current year's candidates.


The Committee reserves the right to withhold the award in any year where nominations do not meet criteria/eligibility standards. Nominations for 2017 have closed. Nominations for 2018 will be accepted in January, 2018.  We are unable to accept incomplete/late submissions.


The nomination period begins in January with the recipient announced during Spring convocation. The 2018 nomination form will be posted online soon.


The recipient will be presented with a plaque during Spring Convocation, as well as a $1,500 monetary award during an annual event to celebrate the recipients of the Alumni Association Awards, which is funded equally by the Alumni Association and the Faculty Union.

Past Recipients

  • 2017: Dr. Marc G. Doucet, Political Science
  • 2016: Dr. Thomas Kozloski, Accounting 
  • 2015: Dr. Ellen Farrell, Management
  • 2014: Dr. Maryanne Fisher, Psychology
  • 2013: Dr. Gene Barett, Sociology and Criminology
  • 2012: Dr. Colleen Barber, Biology
  • 2011: Dr. Brian Bartlett, English
  • 2010: Dr. Barry Gorman, Accounting
  • 2009: Dr. Pawan Lingras, Mathematics and Computing Sciences
  • 2008: Dr. Shelagh Crooks, Philosophy 
  • 2007: Dr. Stephen Davis, Anthropology
  • 2006: Dr. Edna Keeble, Political Science
  • 2005: Dr. Adam Sarty, Astronomy & Physics
  • 2004: Dr. Porter Scobey, Mathematics & Computing Science
  • 2003: Dr. Janet Hill, English   
  • 2002: Dr. Gillian Thomas, English
  • 2001: Dr. Janet Gregory, Finance & Management Science
  • 2000: Dr. Eric Lee, Finance & Management Science
  • 1999: Dr. Robert Singer, Chemistry
  • 1998: Dr. David Cone, Biology
  • 1997: Dr. Paul Muir, Mathematics & Computing Science
  • 1996: Dr. Ronald Landes, Political Science
  • 1995: Prof. Nicola Young, Accounting
  • 1994: Dr. Cyril Byrne, English   
  • 1993: Dr. Janet Baker, English
  • 1992: Dr. Francis Phillips, Education
  • 1991: Dr. Philip Street, Psychology
  • 1990: Dr. Andrew Seaman, English
  • 1989: Dr. Peter March, Philosophy
  • 1988: Dr. Jack Ginsburg, Chemistry
  • 1987: Prof. Edward McBride, Political Science
  • 1986: Dr. John Young, Chemistry
  • 1985: Dr. David Perrier, Sociology
  • 1984: Prof. Dermot Mulrooney, Engineering
  • 1983: Prof. David Hope, Accounting