Student Profiles and Activities

We accepted our first cohort of students in the late spring of 2000, and graduated our first student — Dr. Elizabeth S. Kelley — in May 2005. There are currently thirty-one active students in the program. Just over sixty per cent of our students are female; one third come from outside Nova Scotia, and ten per cent are from outside Canada — including Germany, Georgia, South Africa, and the U.S., and the average age is around thirty-eight, ranging from twenty-four to fifty-two years-of-age on entry.

Some of our students have followed a traditional higher education route, but many have extensive paid-work experience, including small business ownership, consulting, military experience, political leadership and parliamentarian, and college/university teaching. Entering students typically have Master's degrees from any of a range of subject areas, including Adult Education, Behavior in Organizations, Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Industrial Relations, International Development Studies, Psychology, and other related areas.

Student Profiles

2000 Cohort

Dr. Ramon Baltazar
Dov Bercovici
Jules Fauteau
Dr. Gina Grandy
Dr. Elizabeth Kelley
Caroline O'Connell

2001 Cohort

Dr.Angela Bissonnette
Dr.Manon LeBlanc
Leroy Lowe
Greg Marshall
Dr. Jane Mullen
Dr. Mary Runte

2002 Cohort

Dr. Kelly Dye
Dr. Scott MacMillan
Dr. Natalie Vladi
Dr. Terrance Weatherbee

2003 Cohort

Dr. Ellen Rudderham-Gaudet
Dr.Jim Grant
Dr. Margaret McKee
Dr. Amy Thurlow
Dr. Peggy Wallace

2004 Cohort

Dr.Connie Bygrave
Dr. Wendy Carroll
Alan Fraser
Kerriann Henneberry
Clare Keating
Jason Lecoure
Dr. Bally Thun
Dr. Amy Warren

2005 Cohort

Dr. Janet Bell Crawford
Dr. Gabie Durepos
Dr. Brad Long
Dr. Elizabeth McLeod
Kakha Shengelia
Dr. Anthony R. Yue
2006 Cohort

Dr. Shelagh Campbell
Dr. Trish McLaren
Dr. William Murray
Rhonda Pyper
Dr. Adam Rostis

2007 Cohort

Dr. Salvador Barragan
Dr. Arlene Haddon
Angela Hope
Dr. Doreen MacAulay
Dr. Donna Parsons

2008 Cohort

Dr. Marcelle Allen
Dr. Chris Hartt
David Iremadze
Dr. Susan Myrden
Dr. Kathy Sanderson 
2009 Cohort

Randy Delorey
Dr. Kim Myrick
Karen K. Stone
Dr. Heidi Weigand

2010 Cohort

Dr. Larry Corrigan
Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald
Merle Fuller
Birgit Pfeiffer
Ikiene Sentime
Dr. Shannon Webb
2011 Cohort

Dr. Jason Foster
Dr. Isabella Krysa
John McNamara
Rob Murray
Dr. Mariana Paludi
Michelle Thomason
Trung Le Kien

2012 Cohort

Kristene Coller
Rhonda Dever
Ken Hudson
Ryan MacNeil
Corinne McNally
Dr. Danielle Mercer

2013 Cohort

Caterina Bettin
Kothai Kumanan
Nicole Morris
Shelley Price
Wes Sallenback
2014 Cohort

Dr. Cara Lynn Scheuer
Annika Voltan
Nina Winham

2015 Cohort

Liela Jamjoom
Corey Sigvaldason
Kristin Williams
Tianyuan (Cathy) Yu

2016 Cohort

Rene Arseneault
Nicholous Deal
Mary Beth Doucette
Olakunle Fakiyesi
Ellen Shaffner

2017 Cohort

Pham My Hanh
Kerry Hendricks
Mike Melenchuk
Tasha Richard


2018 Cohort

Ian Kamp
Blake Kanewischer
Aisha Leon
Mark MacIsaac


Graduate Thesis Titles, 2005 - 2013

Thesis Abstracts, 2005 - 2010

Student Publications and Conference Presentations

The following paper from the Proceedings of the 40th Annual Confernence of the Atlantic Schools of Business provides some clues as to the experiences of our students, and the `feel' of the program:

'Once Upon A Time: A Doctoral Program Through Stories of Plausability'

As part of the professional development aspect of the program, students in the Sobey Ph.D. are actively encouraged to develop and submit articles to academic conferences and peer-reviewed publication. Conferences that students have presented at include:

Upon completion of the program, our doctoral students typically have an impressive collection of work already published or presented under their name.

This PDF provides an overview of the scholarly contributions of our students and graduates as of Fall 2013.