MBA Learning Goals

At the Sobey School of Business, we have developed learning goals to prepare you for strong and innovative business leadership.

Through our MBA program, you will gain:

A comprehensive knowledge of key business theories,

  • demonstrating competency in quantitative analytical practices,
  • gaining a solid knowledge of business theories and principles, and
  • understanding the role that ethical and socially-sustainable factors play in business decisions.

Strong evaluation and ethical decision-making skills,

  • identifying and applying analytical frameworks in addressing business problems,
  • finding solutions using qualitative and quantitative techniques, and
  • making ethical and socially sustainable decisions.

The ability to lead and work effectively as part of a larger group,

  • understanding the true meaning of leadership, and positively influencing others to achieve performance, and
  • planning, organizing and delegating within group environments.

Exceptional communications skills,

  • supporting and promoting managerial effectiveness.

The ability to integrate business knowledge in dynamic global environments to effect change

  • developing practical, strategic and operational plans for organizations and confidently applying your knowledge to problems.