Financial Literacy Programming

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Managing Your Degree:  January 16, 2018 4PM-5PM, Loyola 277

The Service Centre combines the functions of the Student Accounts office, Financial Aid & Awards, and many services provided by the Registrar’s office. This presentation aims to teach students about tuition fees, scholarships, financial aid, and general financial literacy. We want to inform and empower students with the confidence to make important financial decisions in their lives and teach them where to go for support when they need it. We will also educate students about registration, their GPA, and how to take control of their degree.

Piggy Bank Problems:  February 13, 2018 4PM-5PM, Loyola 277

Mid-way through the semester, how is your piggy bank doing? University is a great way to immerse yourself in new ideas and meet new people but let’s be honest, it can be tough financially. We all know that the best way to help stretch our money further is to have a clear game plan in place, but we rarely do it. Financial Aid & Awards aims to teach students the budgeting skills that will help them finish the year and their university career with as little debt as possible. They will help students understand where their money is going and provide them with tools to help their day to day spending. This session will also be geared towards preparation for the Financial Need-Based Bursary application. 

Putting Yourself on Paper:  March 20, 2018 4PM-5PM, Loyola 277

Writing is an essential and important skill for students in academics, but it is equally important in everyday life. The scholarship application essay is a great way to merge these two writing worlds, while putting yourself to the new test of convincing scholarship providers to invest in you. Showing how your experiences, life story, skills, and academic history make you a qualified applicant for their award can be daunting. The SMU Writing Centre helps students put themselves on paper.

Repayment Assistance:  April 17, 2018 4PM-5PM, Loyola 277

Stressed that you can’t make your loan payment? Going into repayment too soon? Learn how to take control of repaying your student loan by learning what to do if you face a situation after graduation where making regular payments becomes too difficult. You do not have to fall behind on your student loan just because you cannot afford to make your payments! National Student Loans Service Centre will teach you about the debt management programs available and how to make them work to your advantage, and how most of this can be done completely online!


International Student Financing

You’re in a new city, a new country, and you’re about to start a new phase in your life at Saint Mary’s University! Financial Aid & Awards wants to help make all your new experiences as smooth and easy as possible by assisting you with any questions or concerns you may have about funding your education away from home. We aim to help you with questions you have regarding what’s available to help you pay your tuition and fees, payment options, employment opportunities, and how to navigate various Canadian systems like banking and taxes.

Mental Health and Financial Help

Student debt is a common problem for university graduates, and with debt comes a decrease in mental wellness. Counselling Services and Financial Aid & Awards are collaborating to bring students a session on ways to manage your debt and finances alongside with your mental stability and general wellness.

Ways to Find Scholarships

The idea of searching for scholarships may seem boring, tedious, overwhelming, tiring, or just plain maddening! If you feel any of these emotions when thinking about scholarships and where to find them, then join the ranks of many other students who are grappling with the looming cost of their higher education. Scholarships Canada offers some sound advice to students on how to succeed by using their website as a resource. 

Planning Your Career

Career Services and Financial Aid & Awards are combining forces to bring students a session geared towards planning for student’s career goals and financing your way towards achieving such goals. Both teams will be answering questions regarding how to reach your goals financially and educationally, how to prepare yourself for the work force, and any other relatable questions you may have.

Globe Personal Finance

Financial Aid & Awards and the Sobey School of Business will be hosting Globe and Mail columnist, Rob Carrick, and Globe and Mail Personal Finance editor, Roma Luciw, to talk about debt, the job market, budgeting, investing and saving! Rob and Roma will be answering questions during the session. This is a good chance for students to hear unbiased and honest financial advice without a sales pitch. General public is welcome.

Assessing Your Need

The Financial Need-Based Bursary application is now available! This session is geared to help you understand the financial needs assessment and to help you write your personal statement that fulfills the requirements of the application. All students applying for the bursary are encourage to attend this session.

Planning Beyond Your Undergrad

One of the most important things that you can do as an investor is to get an early start. Investing is defined as making an investment in order to earn a profit and earning that profit will be much easier to do if you get an early start. Investing at a young age isn’t always easy, but the benefits are numerous and can’t be overlooked. Bankers will explain and emphasize the importance of investing and discuss the programs that they offer.

Gifting Generously

Christmas time can certainly be hard on the bank account, however it doesn’t have to be. Utilize this session by making it your practice guide for saving money this holiday season! Join us to learn valuable tips for buying low budget gifts with a high quality, learn about the free & fun events happening around you on campus and in Halifax, and most importantly enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Have Your Own Back - Smart Money Choices

Does it sometimes feel that your money does not stretch far enough? Your student loan comes in and then goes immediately out. Join Financial Aid & Awards and special guest; Emo Ikede, to talk about ways that you can stay on top of your cash flow, minimize your student debt, and prepare for the day after you receive your degree.
Emo is an MBA graduate from Sobey School of Business and aslo the founder of EjiTech Group. Emo has extensive backgrounds in personal finances and money saving techniques for university students. 

Cheap Eats

Using the Residence Life Skills Lab, students will receive the opportunity to learn about cooking and eating healthy in this interactive session. Eating healthy can happen even on a student budget and this session will help you learn some tips and tricks on eating healthy and how to shop in order to make that happen.