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English - Gary Porter

Writing Contest Leads to Agent and Mentors

Gary Porter

Gary Porter began writing at the age of ten with his inspiration coming from the Star Trek television series. At the age of 40, he submitted one of his stories for competition amongst some of the world’s best budding science fiction and fantasy writers.

His sci-fi story, Judge and Jury impressed the panel of judges, comprised of Asimov Magazine editors, so much that it earned him third spot from amongst hundreds of entries. At the magazine’s invitation, he attended an academic conference in Florida hosted by the International Federation of Science Fiction Writers and Asimov Magazine, where he received his award and got to rub shoulders with some of the best in the industry.

“It was an amazing conference without a single fan sporting a tricorder or klingon makeup,” says Gary. “I managed to get an agent, and she has me working towards obtaining a two book deal. As well, I struck up friendships with authors like Joe Halderman and his wife Gay. They have offered me mentoring advice and for a writer, a mentor is probably the greatest gift of all.”

He credits his professors in the English Department for much of his success. “I have been taught by some great professors at Saint Mary’s, all of whom are extremely eager to pass along their knowledge and most of all willing to spread their passion for english.”

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