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WOMEN'S STUDIES - Sandra Gabriele

New Perspectives on Past and Present Experiences

Sandra Gabriele

Sandra Gabriele figured that as long as she was going to be spending long days pent up in dusty archives conducting research for her doctoral dissertation she had better have something good to read. As it turns out she couldn’t have chosen a better thesis topic than women journalists in Canada at the turn of the century.

“They (well, some of them) were spectacular writers, with a wry and wicked sense of humour,” she says. “It’s a treat to read some wonderful writing.” What interests Sandra the most is women’s participation in the development of journalism, a profession that is generally considered a masculine endeavour.

In fact, she has been interested in issues of gender for quite some time. “I became interested in Women’s Studies because it was a space where the realities I knew and had felt growing up as a girl and a young woman were named and explained in relationship to larger systems of power, institutions, practices and ideologies,” she says. “Feminist theory attempts to make sense out of the experiences that so many women have.”

A Hamilton, Ontario native, Sandra came to Halifax and enrolled in the Master’s of Women’s Studies program offered jointly by Saint Mary’s, Mount Saint Vincent and Dalhousie universities. “This is a very special element and it is what attracted me to the program in the first place,” she says. This meant she took classes at all three universities. Programs like this are a great example of Metro Halifax universities combining their individual talent and resources to offer students an incredibly diverse and rich learning experience.

Sandra is currently in her third year of completing a PhD in Communication Studies at Concordia University. Her dissertation on women journalists builds on the knowledge she gained during her master’s degree in Halifax. In addition to her research in this area, she is also doing some teaching in communications studies, and assisting faculty members with their research projects.

“The rich academic atmosphere in Halifax and the high level of cooperation between the universities within the city, also facilitates making links and connections with other students and faculty members across universities and disciplines.”

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