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ENGLISH - Shawn Carver

‘E’ for English, ‘E’ for Commerce

Shawn Carver

It’s Shawn Carver’s job to worry about the ‘e’ so that his clients can devote themselves to the ‘commerce’. He operates his own Internet marketing firm – New East Ventures – that provides services to dotcom start-ups, and small to mid-size companies that want to expand into e-commerce.

The Riverview, New Brunswick native graduates from Saint Mary’s this spring with a Bachelor of Arts in English – a feat he managed to accomplish while working full-time at his company.

“My job is actually much like e-commerce itself – difficult to describe, always changing, constantly expanding to incorporate new tasks and generally misunderstood by family and friends,” says Shawn. “However, the variety and freedom that stems from these challenges are exactly what keeps things interesting for me.”

His typical work day might begin with an early breakfast meeting to discuss the financial needs of a new client, followed by a mid-morning presentation of a completed marketing plan. It’s then off to a quick lunch with his partner and developers, then back to the office just in time to write the copy for an on-line advertisement. He finishes the day by sending out a news release for the launch of a corporate website.

Shawn says that in today’s ‘knowledge-driven’ economy, his company’s success in the e-commerce industry hinges on his ability to articulate ideas. “Often these ideas are cryptic, complicated and costly and must be communicated in a manner that is clear, concise and convincing. The advantages that an arts education has afforded me are therefore self-evident.”

Shawn says that Saint Mary’s extensive course offerings provides students with academic advantages that are comparable to much larger institutions, while the small class sizes ensure they are not just ‘another student number.’

Plus “the professors have a contagious passion for the arts that is readily apparent in the breadth of their knowledge and the generosity with which they share both this knowledge and their time with students.”

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