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ANTHROPOLOGY - April MacIntyre

Uncovering the Truth

April with Dr. Stephen Davis at the Shubenacadie Canal site. Photo: Sandor Fizli
April with Dr. Stephen Davis at the Shubenacadie Canal site. Photo: Sandor Fizli

April MacIntyre says there is nothing like the feeling that comes from discovering something that you know no one has held or even laid their eyes on for 200 or even 1500 years. This is what fuels her thirst for uncovering that which is covered usually by earth, and always by time.

Originally from Glace Bay, April graduated with an honours degree in Anthropology in 1999. She says Professor Stephen Davis made such a lasting impression on her that “he helped me realize my potential and make many important decisions about my future career in archaeology.”

With over 30 years of experience in the field, April says Dr. Davis has so much to offer students. “He works hard to provide opportunities for students to gain experience and education in the field, as well as to make valuable contacts.”

As a student, April participated in a mortuary excavation at the Little Dutch Church in Halifax’ North End. While the church was suspended from its foundations, she and others climbed below where they carefully uncovered and removed the remains of some of the city’s earliest inhabitants for closer examination. The remains were later returned to their original burial site below the church.

“One of the most exciting aspects of archaeology is that no two sites I’ve ever worked on were alike,” she says. Since graduating, she has kept in close contact with her professor, working on several projects including a recent environmental impact assessment for the Maritimes and Northeast natural gas pipeline being constructed in Nova Scotia.

April is planning to attend graduate school to complete a Master’s in Archaeology. She says there are so many different job possibilities in the field, including field excavations, laboratory analysis, museum curation and conservation to name only a few.

Her degree at Saint Mary’s has prepared her well for what lies ahead. “Arts graduates are generally well rounded, independent and highly innovative professionals, and they are very valuable assets to employers,” says April.

Dr. Davis was a vital part of that preparation for her future. “Something I always found great about Steve as a professor is the relationship he develops with his students. He has a very casual rapport with his students which makes him very approachable, and in turn, I’ve learned and gained so much from him.”

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