Parents/supporters of students in residence

Windows of the residence building

We take our responsibility to students in residence very seriously.

As many students as possible have left residence. Those who remain are the students who, for various reasons, are unable to leave.

We want the parents and other supporters of our students who remain in residence to know Saint Mary's takes its responsibility for those students extremely seriously and has the staff and resources to satisfy that responsibility.

Moving forward, we will follow the advice of city, provincial and federal health authorities and other officials as we all take actions to keep members of our community as safe and secure as possible. Our students in residence are part of that community and their interests have not been forgotten by Saint Mary's or any level of government.

Whatever happens during the evolving COVID-19 situation, you can be confident:

  • supports and plans are in place to respond to the changing situation in a responsible and proactive way 
  • students will be fed and advised about other safe food delivery and grocery delivery options
  • students will be supported in their ongoing academic work
  • students will be advised of their responsibilities and supported in their efforts to follow advice and orders from the university and public health authorities
  • students will be provided with opportunities to ask questions and encouraged to request help if they need it
  • appropriate measures will be taken if a student becomes ill 

When talking with students in residence, please remind them of their responsibility to follow the advice and rules being communicated by residence staff and other authorities.

If you have questions about the student experience in residence during this time, please contact us at

To get an up-to-date view of all the actions being taken at Saint Mary's to respond to the COVID-19 situation, please check our COVID-19 page.


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