Human Resources information

Information re. remote working, core operations, etc.

During this time of disruption due to COVID-19 the university has transitioned to operating as a virtual campus and is focused on core operations, meeting the needs of students for academic continuity and supporting students who remain in residence. It is important that the staff needed to support core operations attend work where they are able to support activities related to health and safety, essential student services and academic continuity of the term.

The university will continue to review and reassess needs and service delivery based on changing conditions.

For employees who are ill at any point 
They would follow normal sick leave procedures.

For employees affected by school and/or daycare closures or who have direct eldercare responsibilities

  • Employees should consult with their manager who will consult with Human Resources.
  • The manager will evaluate working from home opportunities.
  • Those impacted by school and/or daycare closure or who have direct eldercare responsibilities will require daily check-in with their manager/supervisor.
  • They will not be required to draw on leave banks.

For employees required in the workplace to carry out core duties but who request to stay home
Where working from home is not possible given the nature of the duties and an employee requests to stay home they may draw from their available leave banks in the following order: vacation, lieu time, sick leave. 

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