Fall 2020 plans: Information for future students

Saint Mary's University understands incoming students may have questions from the recent announcement that the delivery of all undergraduate and graduate courses will be online for the Fall 2020 term. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below for answers about the beginning of their Saint Mary's experience as well as supports and services. This section will continue to be updated as more information is available, so please visit this page often.

If you cannot find an answer to your question below, you can also connect with us by email

Starting in July, Saint Mary's will be offering extended Welcome Weeks programs that run into the fall.  In the coming weeks, we will be providing more information. In the meantime, please visit the Welcome Week page to learn more. 

Launched by the Studio, Jump Start 2020 is a program designed for incoming students to achieve academic success, provide community building and engagement opportunities. Before the Fall 2020 term, students participate in a combination of online meetings as well as webinars to meet instructors, academic staff, and fellow students. Learn more.

This summer, we are introducing the Peer Coach program! All new students will get paired with a coach to connect frequently throughout their first year of studies.  The goal of this is to help students succeed. In the coming days, we will share more details. 

Saint Mary's is known for its close-knit, community spirit. That will continue virtually. Alternative methods of participation for 50+ student societies, along with new programs, student engagement, and advocacy support, are some plans that Saint Mary’s and the Saint Mary’s University Student Association is currently designing.  More details to follow. 

We recognize and understand there are unique challenges for international students under these circumstancesAt Saint Mary’s, we welcome new international students as part of our community and support you in achieving your academic and personal goals. During this time, we encourage you to use the dedicated support available to youLearn more. 

When you come to university, it's not just about classes. Overall, the Saint Mary's experience is about connecting with new people, making friends, and learning new perspectives on things. Learning online is a different experience, but it does not mean you will not be able to make new connections. We have a very close student community. We are putting a lot of work into making sure that you will be able to make new friends and feel included. We have a lot of programs to help connect you with other students

For Undergraduate studentsPlease contact us by email to explore this and other options. We are here to support you. If you choose to defer starting your degree program, we will send you a form to complete and send back by email. You may defer your studies for up to a year from the original application date. 

For Graduate students – please contact your graduate program coordinator. 

Due to the current situation, both USPORTS and the AUS have cancelled all regular conference and post-season competitions until January 2021.

As the province continues reopening and easing restrictions, provincial and national sport organizations will be working with universities about varsity sports in the Winter term. We will share any updates as it becomes available. Currently, our coaches are connecting with student-athletes and supporting them with digital resources. 

If you are an accepted graduate student, please  contact your program coordinator for information specific to your program and situation.

If you are still considering studying at Saint Mary’s but have not applied yet, there is still time. You can do so with ease using our online application system. Join us this fall to take part and experience the strength and resilience of our university community!

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