Regional Geochemical Centre


The Regional Analytical Facility is dedicated to the rapid and accurate analysis and reporting of results from environmental sampling. Our laboratory is fully equipped to process geologic samples and return the results in typically a few weeks or less.


All data is corrected either using theoretically determined alpha coefficients (e.g. major elements) or by using Compton scatter (e.g. trace elements).


Accuracy for this method for silica is within 0.5%. The error is less than 1% for the other major elements. For trace elements, the accuracy is within 5%.


Instrument precision, as defined by repeated analysis of a single sample is within 0.6% relative. Sample precision, as defined by measurement of different samples taken from the same aliquot is within 1% elements done on fused beads and 0.7% for those done on pressed pellets.

Detection limits:

For the majors, the analytical limit is 0.03% for all with the exception of Ti, P and Mn, which are 0.005%. Limits for elements found in trace amounts are (in ppm): Cr = 4, Th = 2, Co = 5, La = 5, Nd = 5, Cu = 4, Ga = 5, Rb = 2, Nb = 1, U = 1, Y = 3, Ni = 3, Sr = 5, V = 4, Pb = 3, Zr = 4, Zn = 5 and Ba = 25.