Research Ethics Board

Ethics Review Flowchart

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Method of Communication

Pre-submission Inquiry/Consultation request/Pre-submission review:               

New Submission:                                  

Submission drop off location options (4 copies for Student/Faculty Form 1 applications, 1 copy for Course/1C applications):


  1. Office of Research Ethics, Atrium Building, Room 202
  2. Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Office, Atrium Building, Room 210
  3. Psychology Department Office, McNally South, Room 323

Response to the REB Chair's requests:

  1. Reply to where communication originated, either to the Chair or the Vice Chair
    (In case of student research the Faculty Supervisor must submit the response, requests from students only cannot be processed.)
  2. Copy:

Request for additional copies of Certificates of Research Ethics Clearance/Continuation:

Continuing Review:
(Adverse Event Reporting, Modification, Annual Renewal, Completion of Research request)