Russell Westhaver

Chair of Soc & Crim
Faculty of Arts

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Scholarly Contributions

Journal Articles

Westhaver Russell. "A Poetic and Political Affair: Gay Men Dancing, Circuit Parties, and Sexual Identity", Introducing the New Sexuality Studies: Original Essays and Interviews . (Winter - 2006), .
Westhaver Russell. "Flaunting and Empowerment: Thinking about Circuit Parties, the Body, and Power", Journal of Contemporary Ethnography In Press (December) (Winter - 2006), .
Westhaver Russell. "'Coming out of your skin': Circuit Parties, Pleasure, and the Subject", Sexualities 8 (Winter - 2005), 367-394
Westhaver Russell. ""The best I could say was that it was like bliss": Thinking about the Circuit, Pleasure, and the Subject", Gendered Intersections: A Collection of Readings for Women's and Gender Studies Downe, Pam and Biggs, Lesley (Winter - 2005), 139-143


Westhaver Russell, Elliott Denielle. "The Dying Brain: (Ir)rationality, Neuropharmacology, and Public Health Intervention Strategies", CASCA (Spring - 2006)
Westhaver Russell. "Hackles and Boundary Work: Needs Assessment versus/and/or Social Research", Sex Now Atlantic Canada 2006 Regional Planning Meeting (Winter - 2006)

Other Publications

Westhaver Russell. "The Sex Now Nova Scotia Survey 2005: Continuity, Change and HIV/AIDS"
AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Winter - 2006)