Vurain Tabvuma

Associate Professor
Sobey School of Business

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Dr Vurain Tabvuma was born and raised in Zimbabwe. He got his undergraduate degree from Africa University. In his mid-twenties he headed to the UK where he obtained a Master's Degree (with Distinction) and a PhD from Brunel University under a fully funded scholarship. He has worked at Bournemouth University and the University of Surrey in the UK as a Lecturer and a Senior Lecturer in HRM/OB. He has also served as a Visiting Professor at Ryerson University in Toronto. Vurain's research focuses on intrinsic motivation, public service motivation, pro-social motivation, job satisfaction, organizational change and adaptation. His research has been published in refereed international journals such as Human Resource Management, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Public Administration Review, Journal of Public Administration: Research and Theory, and Kyklos. Vurain is the proud father of two lovely boys.


Ph.D., Economics, Brunel University, 2010
M.S., Financial Economics, Brunel University, 2005
B.S., Economics (Hons), Africa University, 2004

Scholarly Contributions

Journal Articles

McCarthy Dermot, Wei Ping, Homberg Fabian, Tabvuma Vurain. "Public Service Motivation in the Chinese Public and Private Sectors", Evidence-based Human Resource Management (Winter - 2019)
Dilmaghani Maryam, Tabvuma Vurain. "The Gender Gap in Work-Life Balance Satisfaction across Occupations", Gender In Management: An International Journal (Spring - 2019)
Tabvuma Vurain, Dilmaghani Maryam. "No Rosy Glasses in Bluesy Ghettos? Job Satisfaction of Pink and Blue Collar Workers and the Comparable Worth Legislations", Labor History (Fall - 2018)
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