Sageev Oore

Chair of Math & comp. Science
Faculty of Science
Mathematics and Computing Science

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Scholarly Contributions

Journal Articles

Oore S., Akiyama Y.. ""Learning to Synthesize Arm Motion to Music by Example"", 14 International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision N/A (Winter - 2006), full paper
Watters C., Oore S., Sheperd M., Abouzied A., Cox A., Kellar M., Kharrazi H., , Fengan, L. Otley, A. . ""Extending the Use of Games in Health Care"", IEEE-39th Annual Internatinal Conference on Systems Sciences Track.5, Volume. 4 (Winter - 2006), N/A
Oore Sageev., Oore Mordecai. ""Simulation and Visualization of 3D Crack Contour Propagation of Irregular Front Shapes", 18th Aerospace Structures and Materials Symposium of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute N/A (Winter - 2005), N/A


Oore Sageev. "2nd SAGE Workshop", Workshop (Summer - 2006)
Martin B., Oram N., Oore S., Borwein J.. "Exploring Collaborative Haptic Tasks Over a Network"", APICS 29th Annual Conference (Fall - 2005)
Nickerson C., Oore S.. ""Developing a Three-Dimensional Mouse with a Webcam"", APICS 29th Annual Conference (Fall - 2005)
Oore Sageev, B. Oram, N.) . "Network Haptics", Dalhousie Distributed Research Insitute and Virtual Environment (D-Drive) Open House (Fall - 2005)
Oore Sageev. ""Designing Human-Technology Interaction"", Springboard Showcase and AGM, Industry Event (Fall - 2005)
Oore Sageev. "1st SAGE Workshop", Faculty of Computer Science- Workshop (Summer - 2005)
Oore Sageev. ""Humans and Computers"", Sacred Heart mini-math Conference (Spring - 2005)

Conference Proceedings

Oore Sageev. ""Learning Advanced Skills on New Instruments"", Proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression (2005 - 2005)