R Andrew MacRae

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Shimeld J., MacRae R., Moir P., Fowler M., Stasiuk L.D. , In Press Hiscott, R. and Pulham, A.: Petroleum Resources and Reservoirs of the Grand Banks, eastern Canada (Winter - 2003), n/a
MacRae R., Shimeld J., Fensome R., Thomas F. "Paleogeography and Sediment Supply on the Scotian Margin in the Upper", Atlantic Geoscience Society/Geological Society of America, Northeastern, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (March 27-29, 2003) n/a (Winter - 2003), n/a
MacRae R.A. "A brief overview of Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary", Atlantic Geoscience Society/Geological Society of America, Northeastern Section, Joint Meeting (March 27-29, 2003), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Conventional Core Workshop (Winter - 2003), 41-48
Wielens H.B.W., MacRae R., Shimeld , J.W . "Geochemistry and sequence stratigraphy of regional Upper Cretaceous limestone units offshore eastern Canada", Organic Geochemistry Vol.33 (Winter - 2002), 1559-1569