Edna Keeble

Faculty of Arts
Political Science

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Scholarly Contributions


Keeble Edna, Smith Heather. "(Re)Defining Traditions: Gender and Canadian Foreign Policy" (Winter - 1999)

Journal Articles

Keeble Edna. "Immigration, civil liberties, and national/homeland security", International Journal LX, No 2 (Spring) (Winter - 2005), 359-372
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Keeble Edna, Ralston Meredith. "Discourses and Feminist Dilemmas: Trafficking, Prostitution, and the Sex Trade in the Philippines", Feminist Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Policy Sjolander, Smith and Stienstra, eds. (Winter - 2003), 136-154
Keeble Edna, Smith Heather. "Institutions, Ideas, Women and Gender: New Directions in Canadian Foreign Policy", Journal of Canadian Studies 35, No 4 (Winter) (Winter - 2001), 130-141
Keeble Edna. "Human Security and Empowerment of Women in the Asia Pacific", The Asia Pacific in the New Millennium: Political and Security Challenges Mely C. Anthony and Mohamed Jawhar Hassan (Winter - 2001), 231-140
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Keeble Edna. "Re-thinking the 1971 White Paper and Trudeau's Impact on Canadian Defense Policy", The American Review of Canadian Studies 35, No 1 (Spring) (Winter - 1997), 545-569