Kirrily Freeman

Associate Professor and Department Chair
Faculty of Arts

Faculty Member Information


Ph.D., Modern European History, University of Waterloo, 2005
M.S., Second World War Studies, University of Edinburgh, 1999
B.A., (Hons) European Studies, University of Guelph, 1998
Diplôme d’Etudes LEA, Langues Étrangères Appliquées, Université de Savoie, 1997

Academic Work Experience

2014 - Present, Chair, Saint Mary's University
2010 - Present, Associate Professor, Saint Mary’s University
2005 - 2010, Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's University
2004 - 2005, Instructor, University of Waterloo
2000 - 2004, Teaching Assistant, University of Waterloo

Non-Academic Work Experience

2000 - 2002, Gallery Assistant, Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery
2000 - 2000, Research Assistant, Smithsonian Institution

Teaching: Course / Program Development

2013/03 - 2013/03, Guest Lecture
2010/03 - 2010/03, Guest Lecture
2010/03 - 2012/03, Guest Lecture
2004/02 - 2008/02, Teaching At Saint Mary`s University

Scholarly Contributions

Book Reviews

Freeman Kirrily. (2012)"Review: In the Shadow of the General: Modern France and the Myth of De Gaulle (Sudhir Hazareesingh)", In the Shadow of the General: Modern France and the Myth of De Gaulle, European Studies: History, Society and Culture


Freeman Kirrily. "Bronzes to Bullets: Vichy and the Destruction of French Public Statuary, 1941-1944" (Spring - 2009)

Book Chapters

Freeman Kirrily. (2015). "A Capital Problem: The Town of Vichy, the Second World War, and the Politics of Identity", The Long Aftermath: Historical and Cultural Legacies of Europe at War, 1936-1945
Freeman Kirrily. (2009). "‘Pedestals Dedicated to Absence’: Vichy’s Legacy in French Urban Spaces", France and its Spaces of War

Journal Articles

Freeman Kirrily. "The Monuments Woman: Captain Edith Standen and the Restitution of Looted Art", Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society 18 (Spring - 2015)
Freeman Kirrily. "‘Filling the Void’: Absence, Memory and Politics in Place Clichy", Modern and Contemporary France 18:1 (Winter - 2010), 51


Freeman Kirrily. "The Anguish of Liberation and the Return to Life", Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony (Spring - 2015)
Freeman Kirrily. "Amusez-vous Vichyssois: Great War Memories and the Politics of Identity in Vichy", 1914-1944: Clashing Anniversaries or Multi-Directional Memories (Spring - 2014)
Freeman Kirrily. "The Fastest City in France: Home Front Conflicts in World War I Vichy", Society for French Historical Studies (Spring - 2014)
Freeman Kirrily. "“The Monuments Woman”: Captain Edith Standen and the Restitution of Looted Art", The Phyllis R. Blakeley Memorial Lecture (Fall - 2014)
Freeman Kirrily. "A Capital Problem: The town of Vichy, the Second World War, and the Politics of Identity", SMU Faculty of Arts Speaker Series (Spring - 2013)
Freeman Kirrily. "Silence and Memory: the Lost Bells of Europe", War and Memory, Polish Academy of Sciences (Fall - 2012)
Freeman Kirrily. "Keynote Speaker ", History across the Disciplines (Spring - 2011)
Freeman Kirrily. "Curator’s Talk", Opening Reception for Silence and Memory: The Lost Bells of Europe (Spring - 2011)

Service: Institutional Committees

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grants History Committee, 2012/03 - 2013/03 (235)
Nominating Committee for the Associate Dean of Arts, 2012/03 - 2012/03 (234)
Arts Representative, Senate Curriculum Committee, 2011/03 - 2013/03 (236)

Service: Professional or Disciplinary

Pop-Up Professor, Nocturne: Art at Night 2013/03 - 2013/03
Discussant, The Green Prince, Atlantic Film Festival 2013/03 - 2013/03
Reviewer, University of Toronto Press 2011/03 - Present
Member, Cultures of Commemoration Research Network funded by the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación 2010/03 - 2013/03
The Wall’s Echo Organizing Committee, 2008/03 - 2008/03
Reviewer, Canadian Journal of History 2008/03 - Present
Field Expert Discussion Facilitator, Pier 21: Canada’s Immigration Museum, Diversity Spotlight Film Series 2008/03 - 2008/03
Organizer, Public Lecture by Auschwitz Survivor Philip Riteman 2008/03 - 2008/03
Reviewer, French History (Oxford University Press) 2007/03 - Present
Book Solicitation Editor, H-France 2007/03 - Present