Robert Dawson

Faculty of Science
Mathematics and Computing Science

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Scholarly Contributions


Dawson R. "Preparing for University Calculus" (Winter - 2000)
Dawson R.. "Notes for Math 207 (Survey of Statistics)" (Winter - 1999)

Journal Articles

Dawson R. "Single-split tilings of the sphere with right triangles", Discrete Geometry: In Honor of W. Kuperberg's 60th Birthday, A. Bezdek, ed.; Feb.2003, Dekker Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics) n/a (Winter - 2003), 207-214
Dawson R.. "What is a Double Category Like?", Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra Vol.168 (Winter - 2002), 19-34
Dawson R.. "Monostatic Simplexes III", Geometriae Dedicata Vol.84 (Winter - 2001), 101-113
Dawson R. "A Generalized Face Number for Hyperbolic Honeycombs", Geometriae Dedicata Vol.80 (Winter - 2000), 297-309
Dawson R.. "What Shape is a Loaded Die?", Mathematical Intelligencer Vol.22 (Winter - 1999), 32-37
Dawson R., Mak P.. "Monostatic Simplexes II", Geometriae Dedicata Vol.70 (Winter - 1998), 209-219
Dawson R. "Formal Summation of Divergent Series", Journal of Mathematical Analysis and its Applications Vol.225 (Winter - 1998), 532--541

Conference Proceedings

Dawson R., Pronk D.. "Undecidability and Free Adjoints", Proceedings of the World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics 2001 (2001 - 2001)

Other Publications

Dawson R.. "Errata and Suggestions for Improvement in the Constructing Mathematics Textbook Series"
Online, 72pp [Online] (Winter - 2003)
Dawson R., Tingley M.. "Errata and Suggestions for Improvement in the Mathematical Modeling Textbook Series"
APICS, 43pp [Online] (Winter - 2002)
Dawson R., E. Goodaire,, M. Tingley,. "The Atlantic High School Mathematics Curriculum: Implications for Universities"
APICS [Online], 22pp (Winter - 2002)
Dawson R. "Real Men Lecture Unplugged"
Teaching and Learning at Saint Mary's, Vol.13, No.1, pp.1-2 (Winter - 2002)
Dawson R. "Ajoints and Turing Machines"
Proceedings of APICS Math/Stat and CS Joint Conference (Winter - 2001)
Dawson R. "A peculiarity of the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney rank-sum test"
Saint Mary's University, Department of Mathematics and Computing Science, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA (Winter - 2000)