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R. Easy, Johnson S., Cone D.. "Spore morphology and molecular characteristics of Myxobolus procerus from inter and intracellular cysts parastizing trout-perch (Percopis omiscomycus)", Systematic Parasitology 61 (Winter - 2005), 115-122
Cone D., Easy R.. "Supplemental diagnosis of Myxobolus diaphanus (Myxozoa) parasitizing Fundulus diaphanus (Cyprinodontidae) in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.", Folia Parasitologica In press (Winter - 2005), In press
Cone D., D. J., M. Burt,. "The myxozoan fauna of Fundulus diaphanus (Cyprinodontidae) from freshwater localities in eastern North America: prevalence, community structure, and geographic distribution.", Journal of Parasitology In Press (Winter - 2005), In Press
Cone D., J. Yang,, R. Easy,. "Taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of Myxobolus bilobus n. sp. (Myxozoa) parasitizing Notemigonus crysoleucas (Cyprinidae) in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.", Diseases of Aquatic Organisms In Press (Winter - 2005), In Press
Akaishi F., R. Easy,, S. Courtney,, D. Cone,. "Supplemental diagnosis of Kudoa funduli (Myxozoa) parasitizing Fundulus heteroclitus (Cyprinodontidae) from coastal northeastern North America", Journal of Parasitology 90 (Winter - 2004), 477-480
Arthur J., D. K., D. Barker,, 200 M.. "Two species of Trichodina (Ciliophora: Peritrichida) from cultured flatfishes (Pleuronectiformes) in Atlantic Canada.", Comparative Parasitology 71 (Winter - 2004), 247-250
Cone D., Marcogliese D.. "Remodelling of spongy bone during infections of Myxobolus scleroperca (Myxozoa) in Percina caproides (Percidae) from the St. Lawrence River, Quebec.", Journal of Fish Diseases 27 (Winter - 2004), 551-554
Cone D., D. Marcogliese,, Russell R.. "The myxozoan fauna of spottail shiner in the Great Lakes Basin, with an assessment of community structure.", Journal of Parasitology 90 (Winter - 2004), 921-923
Barker D., D. K., D. M.. "Trichodina murmanica (Ciliophora) and Gyrodactylus pleuronecti (Monogenea) parasitizing captive winter flounder (Pleuronectes americanus): effects on host growth and assessment of parasite interaction", Journal of Fish Diseases Vol.25 (Winter - 2002), 81-89
Barker D., A. MacKinnon,, M.D.B. Burt,, D. J., G. Olivier,. "First report of piscine nodavirus infecting wild winter flounder, Pleuronectes americanus, from Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick", Diseases of Aquatic Organisms Vol.49 (Winter - 2002), 99-105
Cone D., Frasca S.. "Revised diagnosis, site of development, and lesions due to Myxobolus hyborhynchi (Myxozoa) parasitizing Pimephales promelas (Cyprinidae) in Minnesota", Journal of Aquatic Animal Health Vol.14 (Winter - 2002), 209-215
Melendy J., D. K.. "Initial infection, distribution, and seasonal occurrence of Hoferellus gilsoni (Myxozoa) within a population of Anguilla rostrata (Anguillidae) in southern Nova Scotia", Journal of Parasitology Vol.87 (Winter - 2001), 957-960
Marcogliese D., D. K.. "Structure of myxozoan communities parasitizing Notropis hudsonius (Cyprinidae) at selected localities on the St. Lawrence River, Quebec: possible effects of urban effluents", Journal of Parasitology Vol.87 (Winter - 2001), 951-956
Cone D.. "Revised diagnosis of Myxobolus gibbosus (Myxozoa), with a taxonomic review of myxobolids from Lepomis gibbosus (Centrarchidae) in North America", Journal of Comparative Biology Vol.68 (Winter - 2001), 236-241
Cone D., Melendy J.. "Infections of Unicauda clavicauda (Kudo, 1934) in skin of Notropis hudsonius (Cyprinidae) from Montana, with a synopsis of the genus Unicauda", Acta Parasiologica Vol.47 (Winter - 2000), 273-278
Barker D., Cone D.. "Occurrence of Ergasilus celestis (Copepoda) and Pseudodactylogyrus anguillae (Monogenea) on American eel, Anguilla rostrata, in relation to stream flow, pH, and temperature and recommendations for controlling their transmission among captive eels", Aquaculture Vol.187 (Winter - 2000), 261-274
Adams B., Cone D.. "On the occurrence of Hoferellus gilsoni (Debaisieux, 1925) in the urinary bladder of American eel, Anguilla rostrata L., in insular Newfoundland, Canada", Journal of Fish Diseases Vol.22 (Winter - 1999), 475-478
Cone D., Overstreet R.. "Myxobolus jollimorei n.sp., M. manueli n. sp., and M. paralintoni from the bulbous arteriosus of centrarchid fishes in North America", Journal of Parasitology Vol.84 (Winter - 1998), 371-374
Marcogliese D., Cone D.. "Comparison of richness and diversity of macroparasite communities among eels from Nova Scotia, the United Kingdom, and Australia", Parasitology Vol.116 (Winter - 1998), 73-83
Frey K., D. K., Duobinis-Gray L.. "Myxobolus petenensis n. sp. (Myxosporea) from the circumorbital integument of Dorosoma petenense (Clupeidae) in Kentucky Lake", Journal of Parasitology Vol.84 (Winter - 1998), 1204-1206


Cone D.. "The Ecology of the Myxozoa", n/a (Spring - 2002)
Cone D.. "A new genus of viviparous monogene from host fishes in Atlantic Canada", ACAP (Fall - 2001)
Cone D.. "Biology of Myxozoans", n/a (Fall - 2000)
Cone D.. "Reproductive strategies of the Monogenea", n/a (Fall - 2000)
Cone D.. "Impact of infectious diseases on fish, their populations and communities", n/a (Fall - 1999)

Other Publications

Cone D., M.D.B. Burt,. "Fish Parasites In: Baitfish Handbook"
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (Winter - 2002)