Jason Clyburne

Full Professor
Faculty of Science
Environmental Science

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Application of new materials to green chemistry and carbon capture. Reactivity of nucleophilic carbenes and basic main group element compounds with small molecules and the importance of carbenes in ionic liquids. Green Chemistry: very strong bases in ionic liquids and polymeric solvents Porous solids and capture of small molecules. Synthesis and computational studies on highly reactive species and polarized molecules/materials Chemistry of the proton, the hydrogen atom, and hydride (hydrogen economy) Green chemistry and education


Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry , Dalhousie University, 1995
B.S., Chemistry , Acadia University, 1991

Academic Work Experience

2012 - 2013, Visiting Scholar, University of New Mexico and Sandia National Laboratories
2010 - Present, Full Professor, Department of Chemistry and Environmental Studies Program, Saint Mary’s University
2006 - Present, Canada Research Chair in Environmental Studies and Materials, Saint Mary’s University
2006 - 2010, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Environmental Studies Program, Saint Mary’s University
2006 - Present, Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
2003 - 2006, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
2001 - 2003, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
1998 - 2001, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Acadia University
1996 - 1998, Post-Doctorate Fellow, University of Texas at Austin
1995 - 1995, Post-Doctorate Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Dalhousie University
1995 - 1995, Post-Doctorate Fellow, Mount Saint Vincent University
1995 - 1995, Post-Doctorate Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Memorial University
1989 - 1991, Industrial Research, Nova Chem, Acadia University


2015 - Present, The American Chemical Society
2015 - Present, Canadian Society for Chemistry


Visiting Lecturer Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science - 2014
Saint Mary’s University Presidents Research Award for Excellence in Research Saint Mary’s University - 2013
Canada Research Chair (Tier Two) Environmental Studies and Materials (renewal) Canada Research Chairs - 2011
Thieme Chemistry Journals Award (recognition for high potential researcher) Thieme Chemistry Journals - 2010
Canada Research Chair (Tier Two) Environmental Studies and Materials Canada Research Chair - 2006
SFU Faculty Award Simon Fraser University - 2004
Killam Post-Doctoral Fellowship, The University of Alberta (declined to take up faculty appointment, Acadia University, 1998) The University of Alberta - 1998
President's Graduate Teaching Award Dalhousie University - 1995
Walter C. Sumner Fellowship Dalhousie University - 1994
Best Poster Presentation 1994 Symposium on Environmental Chemistry, Dalhousie University - 1994
Walter C. Sumner Fellowship Dalhousie University - 1993
Graduate Student Prize: Best Presentation ASCC, Acadia University - 1993
Ryan Prize for Graduate Studies in Chemistry Dalhousie University - 1992
Graduate Student Prize: Best Presentation ASCC, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College - 1992
William Orchard Memorial Prize Acadia University - 1990

Scholarly Contributions

Journal Articles

S. Ian, MacIntosh , N. Sherren, N. Robertson, D. Masuda, C. Pye, Jason Clyburne. "Isolation and Structures of Two New Organozinc Anions from Solutions Rich in Halide Ions", Organometallics 29 (9) American Chemical Society (Winter - 2010), 2063-2068
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