James Cameron

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Journal Articles

Cameron J., Nickerson , S.L. . "Predictors of protest among antiglobalization demonstrators", Journal of Applied Social Psychology 39 (Winter - 2009), 734-761
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Cameron J., Cameron J., Lalonde R., Dithurbide L. "Two minutes for looking so neurotic: Personality and hockey position", Meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association (Spring - 2006)
Cameron J.. "True patriot love: On the nature of national identification", 14th Brisbane Symposium on Social Identity (Summer - 2006)
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Day A., Stinson V., Cameron J., Catano V.. "Leadership, groups, and diversity: Implications for organizational effectiveness", Inter-University Symposium on Armed Forces and Society (Fall - 2002)

Other Publications

Kelloway E., Francis L., Catano V., Cameron J., Day A.L. "Psychological disorders in the Canadian Forces: Legal and social issues"
Department of National Defence (Winter - 2004)
Stinson V., Day A., Cameron J., Catano V.. "Subgroup issues and leadership"
Canadian Forces Leadership Institute, Department of National Defence (Winter - 2002)