Benita Bunjun

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Arts
Social Justice and Community Studies

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Teaching Areas: Qualitative Research Methods; Archival Research; Critical Race Studies; Critical Whiteness Studies; Race, Immigration and the State; Indigenous-Settler Relations; Social Power Relations; Canadian Society; Social Control and Regulation; Gender Relations; Introduction to Women's Studies; Intersectionality; Migration Labour, Social Movements; International and Community Organizing
Research Interests: Indigenous and Settler Relations; Feminist Organizational Studies; Social Movements; Race, Chattel Slavery, and Indenture Labour; Migration and Racialized Gendered Labour; Racial Profiling and Violence; Colonial Gendered Encounters; Racialization and Feminization of Poverty; Mental Health, Labour and Nation-Building; Migration, Diaspora, and Youth; Academic Well-Being of Racialized Students


Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies, University of British Columbia, 2012

Teaching: Course / Program Development

2016/02 - Present, SOCI 4847 / WGST (Special Topics):
2016/02 - Present, SOCI 4845 / WGST (Special Topics):

Scholarly Contributions

Book Chapters

Bunjun Benita, Badruddoja Roksana. (2014). "Diasporic entanglements and negotiations: Invoking subjectivities", X Does Not Mark My Spot: Voices from the South Asian Diaspora, 258-268
Bunjun Benita, Yancy George, Del Guadalupe Davidson Maria. (2014). "The racialized feminist killjoy in white academia: Contesting white entitlement", Exploring Race in Predominantly White Classrooms: Scholars of Color Reflect, 147-161

Journal Articles

Bunjun Benita. "Organizational colonial encounters: A critical intersectional analysis of entitlement and nation-building", The International Journal of Organizational Diversity 15:1 (Winter - 2015), 1-15
Bunjun Benita. "Feminist organizations and intersectionality: contesting hegemonic feminism", Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, and Social Justice 34:2 (Fall - 2010), 115--126
Morris Marika, Bunjun Benita. "Using Intersectional Feminist Frameworks in Research: A Resource for Embracing the Complexities of Women's Lives", Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (Fall - 2007), 1-9
Bunjun Benita. "The making of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women: Discourses on nation building, racialization, and exclusion", Views from the Edge - Fourteen, Occasional Working Papers 15:1 (Winter - 2007), 13-28